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August 17, 1961

State Senator Archie Craft has been named Whitesburg’s “Man of the Year” by members of the Whitesburg Chamber of Commerce.

. A full-page ad for the Whitesburg A&P Supermarket in The Mountain Eagle is the first of its kind ever to appear in a weekly newspaper in Kentucky.

. Whitesburg High School is expecting the largest freshman class in the history of the school — 870 members. The Letcher County school system is hiring 77 emergency teachers this year.

. An Eagle editorial is urging Letcher County residents to go to Hazard to talk to Gov. Bert Combs, who is setting up an office for a few days to give people who cannot make a trip to Frankfort a chance to talk to him in person. The editorial mentions as talking points the proposed state park on Pine Mountain, a new highway from here to Central Kentucky, and the proposed state college at the former Stuart Robinson School at Blackey.

August 18, 1971

Hundreds of miners and miners’ wives met at the Belfry High School gymnasium to hear US. Rep. Carl Perkins explain current black lung legislation. Perkins said the reason people in Kentucky are not getting their claims approved is “because the rehabilitation people in Kentucky tend to disapprove most claims.” In Pennsylvania, he said, 68.8 percent of all claims had been approved, but in Kentucky only 28 percent had been approved.

. First Security Bank has announced it will become part of the worldwide BankAmericard bank credit card program.

. Jenkins Police Judge Jesse Bates has been elected chairman of the Letcher County Democratic Party. He succeeds Rudolph ‘Doc’ Williams, who has resigned to run for state representative.

. Patchwork skirts are popular items at the Millstone Sewing Center, which provides clothing for needy people.

August 20, 1981

The greatest danger now facing organized labor is the Reagan administration, according to United Mine Workers of America President Sam Church. He spoke at a rally attended by about 200 District 30 miners. Church urged the miners to go to Washington, D.C. to take part in a “solidarity march” planned by the AFL-CIO to demonstrate against White House actions which have had an adverse effect on labor.

. Ray Biggerstaff and Harold Breeding attended the Veterans of Foreign Wars national convention in Philadelphia.

. Tom FitzGerald, a legal aid attorney who has represented many eastern Kentucky clients suffering from the adverse effects of strip mining, says federal officials are “cutting the states loose to do whatever they want to do and the feds are weakening their program at the same time.”

. Dr. John Pellegrini and Dr. Harold R. Gillespie have announced their association in a surgical clinic in Whitesburg.

August 21, 1991

The black population of Letcher County plummeted from 1,185 in 1950 to only 190 in 1990, a decrease of 84 percent in 40 years. That compares with a 30 percent decline in the white population in the same period. The number of nonwhites of other races residing in Letcher County — 73 in 1990 — had increased considerably since 1960, when only two were recorded. Letcher County’s population was 99 percent white.

. Achievement test scores increased overall in Letcher County last year for the second year in a row. But the scores showed high school freshmen and seniors with lower scores in every category than they had made a year earlier.

. While raiding bootleggers in Letcher County, Sheriff Steve Banks found one establishment that offered mixed drinks, including a pina colada complete with a decorative umbrella.

. Gov. Wallace Wilkinson has named Lois A. Baker of Whitesburg to the board of trustees of Morehead State University.

August 22, 2001

A vote by the Letcher Fiscal Court to pave all of Carcassonne Road near Blackey means the county may not have enough money to blacktop any other roads this year.

. President George W. Bush has declared Letcher County and four other eastern Kentucky counties a disaster area in wake of flash flooding Aug. 3 that caused more than $8 million in damage to the region.

. Cook and Sons Mining Co. wants to build an airport on property the City of Whitesburg obtained for that purpose more than 20 years ago. Mike Cook of Cook and Sons said that his company is negotiating with an out-of-state businessman about a partnership in a related business. Cook said the man has his own plane and would prefer to fly in and out of the area rather than drive.

. National standardized test scores in Letcher County were closer than ever this year to school scores around the region, but still didn’t meet the state averages.

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