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The way we were

Clips from Mountain Eagle front pages over the past 50 years

October 19, 1961 Members of the Whitesburg Municipal Housing Commission have chosen the architectural firm of McCloney, Tune and Clark to handle a proposed public housing project for the City of Whitesburg.

. The Citizens Advisory Committee for Urban Renewal in Whitesburg is planning an open meeting for comments and suggestions for ways to improve the community.

. Mrs. Ritter Wright Tolliver, 85, a member of a pioneer Letcher County family, died at the home of a daughter, Lettie Leach, in Whitesburg after a long illness. She was survived by six daughters and five sons, two sisters and three brothers and 30 grandchildren.

. Bus service could be resumed in Letcher County next month if the Kentucky Department of Transportation approves the application of the firm seeking the route. The county has been without bus service since last spring, when Cumberland Coach Lines abandoned its Hazard-Jenkins route as unprofitable.

October 21, 1971 Forty or 50 striking United Mine Workers attempted to stop operations at a coal loading ramp at Neon. State police and Neon Mayor Durward Banks said the action was peaceful, but Herman Combs Jr., owner of the ramp, said his drivers were threatened.

. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit ruled that disabled miners had a right to picket coal mines because of their dispute with the United Mine Workers Welfare and Retirement Fund. The landmark decision was issued after coal companies affected by the current UMWA strike complained about the disabled miners’ involvement in the dispute. Company attorneys argued that the Sherman Anti- Trust Act prohibited the disabled miners from taking part in the current strike, but the federal court said the Sherman Act was not designed to prevent any work stoppages such an association might bring about.

. Three years after South-East Coal Co. won a lawsuit against the United Mine Workers and Consolidation Coal Co., the firm at least received two checks totaling $8,907,000. South-East had argued that the union and the coal company had conspired to put it out of business.

October 22, 1981 Violations of voting laws in the May primary election would not have happened if the Letcher County Board of Elections had done its job property, a special grand jury concluded. But three members of the Board of Elections resigned in anger this week, saying that the grand jury report criticizing their actions was both unfounded and unfair. The grand jury listed five separate irregularities in the conduct of the Board of Elections which occurred during the voting in the May primary.

. A Letcher County doctor and his wife died Sunday and three other people were injured as the result of a traffic accident in Knott County. Dr. Napoleon Imperial, 45, and his wife, Zenaida Imperial, 38, were killed instantly when the car in which they were riding collided with a van driven by a 22-year-old Perry County man. The collision occurred on KY 15 near Jeff, when the van crossed into the path of the vehicle driven by Mrs. Imperial. Two passengers in the Imperial vehicle were also injured, and the driver of the van was listed in critical condition.

. A badly decomposed body found near Whitesburg this week is that of an Illinois accountant who disappeared from Cumberland, police say. The elderly man was picking grapes near the top of the Whitesburg side of Pine Mountain when he discovered the remains of a body lying in a pile of brush and garbage about 25 feet from US 119, about four miles south of Whitesburg. The body was identified as that of Richard Lee Tarczueski, a Chicago area accountant who was last seen outside the Slip Disc discotheque in Cumberland. He had been in Harlan County working on an independent audit of a construction company.

. The Whitesburg Yellowjackets football team defeated Hazard, 48-6.

October 23, 1991 The Kentucky Department of Education is proposing two new school buildings in Letcher County and major changes in most existing buildings in the Letcher County school system. The new buildings would include a new 1,400-student high school in the vicinity of Whitesburg, to serve students now attending Letcher, Fleming-Neon and Whitesburg high schools; a new middle school in the vicinity of Isom and nine new classrooms for preschool and 3- to 4-year-old handicapped programs.

. Ladies Home Journal magazine honors Letcher County native Belinda Mason as one of 50 “Real Life American Heroines” in its November issue. Mason, who died of AIDS in September, was chosen from Kentucky. After contracting AIDS through blood transfusions during childbirth, she spent four years lecturing around the country, trying to bring a sense of urgency and compassion to those who thought AIDS could never touch them. She made it clear that she was a crusader for all people with AIDS.

. McRoberts parents were told their school would not be closed despite a state school facilities plan that recommends moves in that direction.

. Dozens of coal companies and individuals have agreed to plead guilty to charges of conspiracy to defraud the federal coal dust sampling program.

October 24, 2001 Blackey may hire a private company to run its water treatment plant. The city council voted three to one last week to authorize Mayor Mike Dixon to sign a contract with US Filter Inc. to run the city water plant, if the contract passes legal muster.

. Letcher County School District employees upset by a plan to mail or direct deposit their paychecks got a promise that the procedure will be changed if it doesn’t work.

. Letcher County has set trick-or-treating night for Halloween night, Wednesday, Oct. 31. Trick-or-treating was not held on traditional Halloween night last year, and many people complained that the festivities were set for a night other than the holiday.

. Schools are the area have been raising money for victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attack on the United States. Jenkins Independent School System raised $1,401.50

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