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Clips from Mountain Eagle front pages over the past 50 years

October 17, 1957

Enrollment and attendance in Letcher County Schools reached a record high in September, Supt. William B. Hall reported. The enrollment at the end of the month was 7,786. Hall said. Average daily attendance for the month was 7,465.3, or 96.76 percent.

The Bank of Whitesburg marked its 25th anniversary at a dinner at the Pine Mountain Hotel last Thursday. Herman Hale was the host for the occasion.

Mr. Hale was presented an electric wrist watch by the directors and employees in recognition for his many years of service to the bank which began in 1932.

Two Letcher County students at Pikeville College will help publish The Record, the student newspaper in its 37th year. Lawrence Lee Baker, Jenkins will be the business manager of The Record, and Joella Craft, Whitesburg, will be a special writer on the paper’s staff of 15 students. Both are sophomores at Pikeville.

October 19, 1967

Construction of a new road between Whitesburg and Hazard was delayed indefinitely this week by a “freeze” on funds imposed by the federal government. All Appalachian road construction was halted, except what is already under contract.

Workmen poured concrete for the floor of the new hangar at the Whitesburg Municipal Airport. Dedication ceremonies for the airport will be held on Oct. 29.

Army Major James M. Caudill Jr. of Neon, was presented the Distinguished Flying Cross during ceremonies at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., Sept. 19. He received the award for heroism in combat in Vietnam on April 20 while serving as an observation pilot on a reconnaissance mission.

October 20, 1977 This issue of The Mountain Eagle could not be found.

October 21, 1987

Kentucky’s top mining official has been ordered to appear in Letcher Circuit Court to answer charges that he breached a grand jury’s rule of confidentiality. Willard Stanley, commissioner of the state Department of Mines and Minerals, is scheduled to appear before Circuit Judge F. Byrd Hogg to prove why he should not be held in contempt for talking with reporters last week about his testimony before the jury.

Stanley appeared before the jury October 13 to discuss comments attributed to him in The Kentucky Coal Journal. He was quoted as saying the several of Letcher County’s “elected official were behind the scenes” of an illegal mining operation in the county.

Black bears are being seen more often in Letcher County as their numbers increase and Virginia conservation officials relocate the animals near the Kentucky border. The bears were nearly extinct at the turn of the century, but now number around 200,000 in the United States.

Letcher County has received a permit to operate its sanitary landfill for one year. The permit, issued by the state Division of Waste Management, will allow the landfill to operate until Sept. 30, 1988. By that time the county must have applied for a new permit. The new permit would be for five years and will include a plan to close the landfill.

October 22, 1997

New opportunities for Jenkins opened up this week with Kentucky Gov. Paul Patton’s selection of the city as one of two mountain towns to get special economic development help from state government. Patton said his administration had picked Jenkins and Hindman as the two “economic development communities” in eastern Kentucky.

Kentucky State Police have announced a new enforcement blitz to detect Kentucky residents who evade taxes on vehicle registration. Operation Border Crossing will target vehicles owned by Kentuckians who register their vehicles in bordering states.

Members of the Back/Bach Genealogical Society attended a reunion that included a tour up Pine Mountain to Pound Gap and Flat Gap. The group stopped at the Maggard Cemetery where family matriarch Elizabeth Hoffman Back is buried.

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