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Clips from Mountain Eagle front pages over the past 50 years

December 26, 1957

The Blue Diamond Coal Co., Knoxville, plans to open a huge new mine in the Poor Fork section of Letcher and Harlan counties. Frank Smith, general manager of Blue Diamond’s Leatherwood operation, said the firm plans to build a new plant some 15 miles outside Cumberland on the Whitesburg road.

“The Big Caper” starring Rory Calhoun and Mary Costa, and “The Buckskin Lady” starring Patricia Medina are being shown this week at the Alene Theater in Whitesburg.

Whitesburg High School student Anne Lewis was the winner of an essay contest sponsored by the Soil Conservation District. John M. Compton of Fleming-Neon High School was runner-up.

December 28, 1967

The Army Corps of Engineers will hold a public hearing on the proposal to build a flood-control dam at Ulvah in Letcher County on Jan. 25. Leaders of a group of Letcher County residents formed to oppose the dam will hold public meetings Jan. 14 and Jan. 21 to plan strategy for the hearing.

Three hundred families in eastern Kentucky received an expected Christmas present this week. Congressman Carl D. Perkins announced that fathers working in the Work Experience and Training program would not dropped from the program as they had been told they would be. Instead, the men will remain on the program for another two months and then will be transferred to other federallyaided training courses.

T-bone steak is on sale at the Whitesburg A&P for $1.09 a pound. Sirloin steak is 99 cents a pound, and round steak is 79 cents a pound.

December 29, 1977

Very little picketing was reported over the Christmas weekend in eastern Kentucky as the United Mine Workers contract strike entered its fourth week. State police say an estimated 70 to 75 pickets appeared early Tuesday at the Marlowe mine on Rt. 931 near Whitesburg, but no other activity was reported in Letcher County.

Ten striking Stearns miners jailed October 26 on charges stemming from a battle with state police nine days earlier, were home for Christmas after McCreary Circuit Judge J.B. Johnson reduce their sentences to 12-month suspensions. The miners were convicted on two counts of criminal contempt and received six-month jail sentences after clashing with state police at the Justus Mine. Another 69 strikers received suspended six-month sentences and posted $1,000 peace bonds for one year.

The Whitesburg A&P is selling ground chuck for 88 cents a pound and spareribs for 99 cents a pound.

December 30, 1987

Cathy and Larry Boggs of Whitaker, have received a patent for a new kind of telephone. The couple received a patent this week for a cordless, no-hands telephone that allows the user to receive calls, place calls, and put the person on the other end of the line on hold. They are searching for a manufacturer and hope to have the headset telephone on the market in 1988.

A new training procedure developed by University of Kentucky researchers – and now required by a federal safety agency – may help miners survive underground explosions and fires. The new procedure helps miners learn how to use their self-contained self rescuers which provide an emergency supply of oxygen. Some of the existing training procedures require as many as 14 steps and fail to put the most critical steps first.

The Jenkins Cavaliers raised their record to 6-4 with a 76-66 victory over Appalachia, Va. Four Cavalier players were in double figures as Jenkins won its third game in a row.

December 31, 1997

Letcher County officials are negotiating terms of a lease on land which could serve as a county park, with room for several baseball fields and a running track. Members of the Letcher Fiscal Court voted at their December meeting to try and work out a lease with Lula Pollard, the owner of the land. The property is located at Pert Creek east of Whitesburg.

At least 25 different areas in Letcher County were without electricity for several hours after a heavy, wet snow fell on the night of Dec. 26.

The Mountain Eagle marked its 90th year of publication in 1997, and the 40th year it has been owned by Tom and Pat Gish.

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