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The Way We Were

Clips from available Mountain Eagle pages since our founding in 1907

Thursday, October 20, 1910 Contracts were let October 15 for the construction of the Lexington & Eastern Railway from Jackson in Breathitt County to the mouth of Craft’s Colly in Letcher County. The tracks will be built in five 18-mile sections. “As predicted in last week’s Eagle we may now expect an era of development to set in the like of which has never been known in this country before,” says a front-page story in The Mountain Eagle.

. It is now known that Luck Construction Company of Roanoke, Virginia will build the sections of the railroad above and below Whitesburg. Five railroad bridges, three above town and two below town, will be constructed. The only tunnel yet reported above town will be at Dug Hill below Hiram Williams’s property. There will be another big tunnel down near the mouth of Dry Fork. Along the entire route there will be 12 bridges over the North Fork of the Kentucky River and six tunnels.

. Former President Theodore Roosevelt flew in a Wright Brothers airplane in St. Louis a few days ago. Upon descending from the air, Mr. Roosevelt declared his trip was the most exciting of anything in all his experiences.

. The nation’s first trackless trolley line is open near Los Angeles, California. The trolley moves passengers from the terminal of an interurban line up the side of a mountain a mile and a half to a settlement known as Bungalowland.

Thursday, October 22, 1925 G.H. Picklesimer & Company, after years of operating a store at Millstone, have rented the Felix C. Fields stone building near the Whitesburg depot and will conduct a general merchandising business here.

. I.N. Lewis and son Roy have purchased the Collins & Logan Grocery on Main Street and have assumed charge. The store is now known as Lewis & Lewis.

. A move is underway to reorganize the lodge of Oddfellows, one of the first lodges to be established in Whitesburg and for years one of the strongest and most popular.

. Federal authorities have arrested “Bad” John Kidd, a fugitive who has lived in the hills near the Rowan-Menifee County line since shooting and wounding a federal deputy marshal 12 years ago.

. One miner and one woman were injured and several automobiles were battered by flying bricks and clubs as 150 coal miners passed a passed a picket line at mine at Ziegler, Illinois, where a wildcat strike is in progress. The trouble started when an automobile ran into a crowd of women picketers and injured one of them. The car, driven by one of the miners crossing the picket line, was stoned and its windows smashed.

Thursday, October 25, 1945 A 25-year-old World War II veteran committed suicide Sunday night by holding stick of dynamite near his face. The man seemed in good spirits earlier in the day and was working as a truck driver. He spent four years in the service, 18 months of that time fighting in the European Theater of Operations.

. Paschal Fields, son of Kelly Fields, is now back at his old post at the filling station after spending almost four years in the service. He landed in the invasion of France and fought on through until victory was won. He earned five battle stars.

. Private First Class George D. Arm of Carbon Glow was recently awarded the Bronze Star Medal for his action in combat prior to V.E. Day while serving with the 100th Division.

. The present members of the Neon City Council say the town’s $11,000 debt is not their fault and are asking citizens to re-elect them so they “can build a Town Hall for all citizens of Neon, without any extra burden on the taxpayers.”

. Jenkins area men who are home from the war, permanently or on leave, include Tuck Tinsley, Paul Vaughn, Walter Malick, James Shelby, Cecil Holtzclaw, Jack Hunter, Leonard Farinash, Charles Reed, Shade Kincer, Howard Burpo, Harold Davis, Joe Isom, Frenchie Mabe, and John Looney.

. Letcher County Clerk candidate Harry M. Caudill, who was seriously injured in combat in World War II, has purchased an advertisement in which he criticizes a Whitesburg resident for spreading rumors that Caudill was dishonorably discharged from the Army and that “no patriotic American citizen” would vote for Caudill. Says Caudill, “The author of this classic utterance is Mr. Lexie Potter, who, so far as I know, never did anything more patriotic than sing the Star Spangled Banner.”

Thursday, October 20, 1955 The KYVA Motor Company, one of the nation’s oldest Pontiac agencies, is moving into their new location in Whitesburg this week. KYVA recently purchased the beautiful modern building erected by the late Herman C. Combs and directly across the street from the present location of KYVA Motors. The first showing of the 1956 Pontiac will be held at the new location on October 21.

. A.B. “Happy” Chandler, Democrat nominee for governor, spoke to an overflowing crowd at the Letcher County Courthouse Tuesday night, pledging to build roads in eastern Kentucky and finding “ways and means to stimulate the coal industry.”

. Frank Trimble, 57, was killed in a coal mining accident Tuesday when he was crushed between a coal car and a wall outside a Consolidation Coal Company mine. Trimble was on a train of cars and had motioned for the motorman to move, but was unable to jump clear as the cars started rolling.

. C.B. Bradshaw, who has been in business in Whitesburg since early 1948, this week leased the Willie Lucas Storeroom in the old Southern Building on East Main Street. He said he will be taking on several lines of new jewelry when he moves his store to the new location.

. Four Letcher County freshmen are attending Cumberland College. They are Lillus Cook, Ralph Holbrook, Paul Stuart, and Arlayne Collins. Three of the four attended Fleming-Neon High School. Miss Collins attended Whitesburg High. The only sophomore from Letcher County at the Williamsburg school is Joyce Kuhl, who attended high school at Fleming-Neon.

. Members of the Keeneland Foundation and public officials were among the guests who took part in the formal

dedication of Keeneland Hall, the new University of Kentucky residence hall for women, held October 17. The $1.25 million structure is named for the foundation that gave $200,000 toward its construction.

Thursday, October 21, 1965 Sample election ballots in The Mountain Eagle show the Democrat candidate for county judge is James M. Caudill and the Republican Party candidate is Lexie Potter.

. A meeting on Monday at Whitesburg High School is being held to organize a Community Action Program for the Whitesburg area under the Economic Opportunity Act. Persons with incomes of $3,000 or less a year are especially invited to attend so that they may take an active part in the “War on Poverty.”

. The Letcher County Young Republican Club, a new organization, will hold a rally at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday at the courthouse in Whitesburg.

. A picture taken by Frank Majority shown on the front page of The Eagle shows the “Bull Hole”, the bottomless pit on the top of Pine Mountain which is the traditional place for defeated politicians to retire and lick their wounds.

Thursday, October 23, 1975 Former Whitesburg city policeman Johnny Dwight Caudill, 26, was found guilty Tuesday evening of “aiding, counseling, or procuring the willful and malicious burning” of the offices of The Mountain Eagle in the early morning hours of August 1, 1974.

. The Kentucky and West Virginia Gas Company has paid Letcher County $100 in an out-of-court settlement for allowing oil to spill from one of its drilling wells into the Taulby Branch of Linefork Creek.

. A group of women and children spent three afternoons out in the rain and drizzle last week demonstrating in front of the Isom office of Southeast Coal Co. protesting that the company has, as they claimed, ruined their water wells and has not paid for the damage.

Wednesday, October 30, 1985 Several former University of Kentucky basketball players, including two who were quoted as saying they received illegal payments from one present and one former Letcher County resident, say they were quoted incorrectly in a Lexington Herald-Leader article dealing with the subject. Fred Cowan and Scott Courts denied telling two reporters from the newspaper that they received illegal payments and other gifts from Fleming-Neon coal

operator Maynard Hogg and Lexington developer Donald Webb, a Whitesburg native.

. The Jenkins City Council is expected to hold “a lively meeting” Tuesday night to attempt to lower the city’s water and sewer rates.

. Letcher District Judge Larry D. Collins has agreed to let 10 persons who pleaded guilty to criminal littering last week pay their fines by picking up 12 bags of garbage.

Wednesday, October 25, 1995 The per-student cost of getting Letcher County youngsters to school during the 1994-1995 year was the second highest in a group of mountain schools surveyed, according to a report submitted to the Letcher County Board of Education recently. Figures show that it cost the Letcher school system $435.30 a year for each pupil bused to school during the 1994-1995 school year.

. State officials are expected to give final approval soon to a plan that will allow a Letcher County coal company to perform community service work instead of paying two large cash fines for mining violations. Golden Oak Mining Company of Whitesburg will be permitted to satisfy $19,800 in penalties assessed for mining violations by helping to turn an abandoned strip mine into a Little League baseball complex for the City of Fleming-Neon.

. The visiting Harlan Green Dragons struggled to overcome numerous turnovers and a strong Jenkins defense last Friday night before rallying from behind in the second half to defeat the Cavaliers, 34-30.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005 Chairman Will Smith and other members of the Letcher County Board of Education are unhappy that the completion of Letcher County Central High School is taking longer than once anticipated by the construction manager. The completion date has been changed from November to January.

. Halloween trick-or-treating will take place from 5 to 8 p.m., Oct. 31, throughout Letcher County.

. Jason Ison, 21, of Premium was charged with three counts of murder after a fatal traffic accident in which his wife, Misty Dawn Ison, 25, and two passengers, Jimmy D. Boggs, 23, of Premium, and Buddy Allen Reed, 15, of Isom, were killed. Officials said preliminary results from a toxicology test showed Jason Ison was under the influence of three drugs at the time of the crash.

. Autumn Morris was crowned Letcher County Central High School’s first homecoming queen.

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