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Clips from available Mountain Eagle pages since our founding in 1907

Thursday, February 25, 1926 The Carr Creek High School vs. Whitesburg High School basketball game ended in controversy Friday night after issues with the game’s scoring left supporters of both teams claiming victory. “It seems that neither team had the score alike,” reports The Mountain Eagle. “Some had the game a tie, 14 to 14; others said Carr Creek had won, 14 to 13, while others had Whitesburg the winner by 15 to 14.”

. The Cowan Creek Coal Company at Ice is adding considerably to the mechanical operation of its plant. Meanwhile, the mines at Caudill, Marlowe, and Sandlick are running coal daily. The Dudley Coal Company mine at Marion has added 30 or 40 new miners’ residences to its plant.

. The Mountain Eagle announces this week that it will not “print articles” on [marital] infidelity. “Our reason for not doing so is that so far as we have any notion we have no readers who question the existence of a Supreme Being who rules both heaven and earth and all things contained therein,” explains editor Nehemiah M. Webb. “To open up such a subject so far as our people are concerned would be foolish.”

. A new edition of Seco High School’s student newspaper, The Mountain Owl, has been printed and is now available at the school.

. With its “good railroad facilities, good highways leading into it, and a citizenship as strong as Gibraltar,” the town of Blackey “cannot fail,” Eagle editor Webb notes after a visit there.

Thursday, February 28, 1946 Kentucky state legislators in Frankfort say they have been offered $5,000 bribes to support the so-called “TVA ripper” bill. The bill would amend the 1942 TVA Act and would prevent cities from building power facilities when private ones already exist. State Senator Henry Ward of Paducah and State Representative Kelse Risner of Lee City, both Democrats, have both disclosed details of being offered the bribes.

. A household shower will be held at noon March 2 at the Little Colley Baptist Church for the family of Ray Collins, who lost their home and all its contents to fire last week.

. U.S. Labor Secretary Lewis Schwellenbach told the U.S. Senate this week that passing the Case labor disputes bill already approved by the House would be a mistake that could put the government in the position of destroying labor unions.

. New radio equipment being used by the Kentucky Highway Patrol resulted in the apprehension and arrest of a drunken driver just 10 minutes after the report had been radioed to headquarters in Frankfort. Sixteen police cars have been equipped with 50-watt frequency modulated sets and are operated out of the 250-watt station located a patrol headquarters. The present range is covering about 18 central Kentucky counties. “The need is for a statewide network and full police powers to back it up,” said J. Stephen Watkins, Commissioner for the Department of Highways.

. The Whitesburg High School Class of 1946 is presenting a three-act comedy drama at the Grade School Auditorium next Tuesday night entitled, “He Was A Gay Senorita.” Proceeds will be used for a sightseeing trip to Washington, D.C., during senior week in April.

. A number of elected Letcher County officials, including County Judge Arthur Dixon and Sheriff Herman Combs, have written a letter Kentucky Senate Floor Leader Richard P. Maloney warning the state legislature that its $150,000 appropriation for coal mine safety is “insuffi cient” and will not meet the cost of hiring anywhere near the number of mine inspectors needed to make the state’s mines safer.

. A new weed-killing plant hormone known as 2, 4-D is now available to homeowners. The new chemical causes weeds to “literally strangle themselves to death.”

. The War Department has announced that its replacement training program for ground, air and service forces has been cut from 17 to 13 weeks in an effort to speed up the discharge of veterans still serving overseas. Under the revised plan, basic training will be completed in six weeks followed by 42 days of advanced instruction.

. A legal advertisement says that operating expenditures for the Jenkins Independent School District totaled $115,937.66 for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1945.

Members of the Neon American Legion will meet at the Cumberland Hotel in Neon on Sunday to discuss buying or erecting a building in Neon suitable for a Legion Hall.

. The 1946 DeSoto is now on sale at Reed Motor Company on Webb Street in Whitesburg.

. A three-pound bag of 8 O’clock Coffee is on sale for 59 cents at the A&P stores in Whitesburg and Neon.

. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Frazier have announced the birth of their son, Charles Roe, who was born February 15 at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Fields.

. The Fields and Berry Wallpaper Store is now open in the basement of the Daniel Boone Hotel in Whitesburg. The company says it has four “first class paper hangers” ready to serve the public.

Thursday, February 23, 1956 Funeral services were held Wednesday for 34-year-old Wendell Hunsucker, a popular South-East Coal Company electrician who was killed while working on a television set in his Millstone home. Hunsucker, a World War II veteran and son of Byron and Mattie Caudill Hunsucker of Sergent, was working on his television Sunday night when he was electrocuted by a current stored in the set’s power tube.

. Joe Boggs of Kingscreek has been hired to replace Garnett Craft as state forest ranger for Letcher and Knott counties. Boggs does not have a phone at this time, but says he is having one installed and will make his number public at that time.

. Jan Combs, daughter of Stephen and Virginia Combs of Whitesburg, recently took part in the water ballet presented annually by the Blue Marlin Club, an invitational swim club at the University of Kentucky, where she is a student.

. The Friendly Fountain in Whitesburg is being renamed The Rainbow Grill by new owners Byron Hunsucker and Willis Hamilton.

. Kingdom Come High School is hosting the 53rd District Tournament that begins February 29. The tourney will be played in the Whitesburg High School Gymnasium. W.W. Watts is principal at Kingdom Come. The basketball coach is Jack D. Fugate.

. The Letcher County Fish & Game Club is looking for a site on which to build a new lake that will be stocked with fish.

. Former Letcher County Coroner Joseph Yontz died Saturday at his home in Neon. Yontz, who was 86, served as coroner for 18 years before retiring.

. Mary Lyn Jordan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Jordan of Jenkins, and Shirley Ann Perry, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. T.M. Perry, also of Jenkins, were two of the models at the Tuesday Night Revue of Fashion this week at Christian College, a junior college for women located in Columbia, Missouri.

. A hearing will be held in Frankfort March 6 to consider the application of Cumberland Coach Lines of Cumberland, Ky., for permission to purchase a common carrier bus certificate now owned and operated by Southeastern Greyhound Lines of Lexington. The route begins in Hazard ends in Jenkins, serving all intermediate points between, including Jeff, Isom and Whitesburg.

. The Stuart Robinson School Eagles defeated the Whitesburg Yellowjackets Tuesday night, 69-67, in a game played in the Eagles’ tiny, but packed, gym.

Thursday, February 24, 1966 Passage of an anti-garbage order by the Letcher County Fiscal Court and Letcher County Board of Health is the first step to an effective countywide cleanup campaign, a group of interested citizens heard at a meeting held this week. Steve Sandlin, regional sanitation officer for the state health department, described last year’s cleanup activities in his home county of Perry. He said the state highway department, the state Division of Forestry, garden clubs, local government agencies and other citizens cooperated in an effort to rid Perry County of unsightly piles of trash, junk cars and other litter. Sandlin said Letcher County could accomplish the same thing if several groups will work together.

. A recruiting team for the Federal Bureau of Investigation will be in the Letcher County area until March 4 seeking clerks, typists and stenographers for jobs in FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C. Starting salaries are $3,814 annually for clerks, $4,149 for typists, and $4,641 for stenographers. Recruiters are also seeking men to serve as FBI special agents. Starting pay for agents is $8,184 annually.

. Architect John Threadgill of the Harlan firm of Perkins and Threadgill is at work on preliminary plans for a new library, cafeteria and restroom complex for Whitesburg High School.

Thursday, March 4, 1976 After a month of unconfirmed leaks from the governor’s office about what should be done with the coal severance tax, Gov. Julian Carroll officially proclaimed this week to increase the tax from 4 to 4½ percent of the price of coal per ton. At the same time, he detailed an $85 million tax-return package that could have a little or a big something for almost everyone.

. For the second time in a month, the Letcher County Fiscal Court has voted down a federally funded program

that would have planned and paid for a sewage treatment program for Whitesburg and the surrounding area. The planning was part of an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) program designed to clean up the nation’s waters.

. The outbreak of false bomb threats that has been disrupting Letcher County schools since Christmas seems to be about over. This week there were two threats at Martha Jane Potter Elementary School in the Letcher County school district and none in the Jenkins Independent school district. In the past month, schools throughout the county were receiving more than 10 threats a week by phone calls or notes dropped in hallways.

. Wednesday, March 5, 1986 Letcher County’s high school seniors scored just below the state’s average on their 1985 college entrance exams, school officials said. Of the county’s collegebound students who participated in the American College Testing Program (ACT) last year, the highest averages were scored by students at Whitesburg High School. Letcher High School came in second, while Jenkins High School was third. Fleming-Neon High School’s 1985 were not available.

. The Jenkins City Council apparently will wait until its April meeting to establish a new city water commission. At its March meeting Monday, the council officially terminated the old 11-member commission. The commission was originally made up of five members, but was enlarged to 11 members under the administration of Mayor Ernest “Sam” Wyatt. Because of its size, however, the commission proved to be unworkable and last month the council ordered it dismantled.

. Letcher County Commonwealth’s Attorney James Wiley Craft drew quite a bit of attention by announcing he would seek the Republican nomination for state representative of the 91st District. Incumbent Hoover Dawahare and Paul Mason, both Whitesburg businessmen, are candidates in the race for Democratic nomination for the office.

Wednesday, March 6, 1996 The federal government has approved a $1.5 million loan to Letcher County to provide money needed for renovation of the courthouse in Whitesburg. Senator Wendell Ford and U.S. Rep. Hal Rogers announced the loan by the Rural Economic and Community Development Agency. The money will allow the county courthouse corporation to do all the necessary work to remodel and enlarge the courthouse in one $4 million project instead of two separate ones, said County Judge/Executive Carroll A. Smith. The consolidation of the projects will save about $450,000, Smith said.

. A hearing on whether Education Commissioner Wilmer Cody should be held in contempt of court has been postponed. The show-cause hearing had been scheduled for March 1 in Floyd Circuit Court. But Cody attended a technology meeting in Louisville that day, so Special Judge John David Caudill rescheduled the hearing for March 11. Caudill set the hearing after Cody allegedly violated a restraining order prohibiting the suspension of the Letcher County school board’s authority.

Wednesday, March 1, 2006 No date has been set yet for students to occupy the new Letcher County Central High School. Three uncompleted construction items — the flooring, joints and staining on the auditorium stage are uneven, not all of the columns have been painted, and uncompleted trophy cases in the lobby — are holding up the move.

. The Letcher County Central High School Cougars blasted visiting Owsley County 102-55 on Feb. 21. Cam Wright and Eli Warren were honored during senior night festivities on Feb. 24. The Lady Cougars played their final home game of the season in a make-up game with the Lady Bobcats of Breathitt County. The Lady Bobcats won 54-51. Fans said good-bye to seniors Heather Martin, Autumn Morris, Emily Craft, Tiffany Lowe and Stephanie Whitaker.

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