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Clips from available Mountain Eagle pages since our founding in 1907

Thursday, August 19, 1926 Beginning September 1, the L&N Railroad will make a slight change to the schedule of its McRoberts to Hazard train. The train will now pick up morning passengers in Hemphill before it goes to McRoberts. After picking up passengers in Hemphill, the train is now scheduled to leave Neon at 5:30 a.m., at which time it will go the short distance to McRoberts before returning to Neon and heading on to Hazard. The evening return will go to McRoberts first and then to Hemphill before returning to Neon.

. Deputy Sheriff Nathan Wright shot a boy named Hamilton at Kona Saturday night.

. With another term of Letcher Circuit Court set to begin next Monday, Mountain Eagle editor Nehemiah M. Webb observes that court being in session gives many Letcher County citizens “their only opportunity to keep up acquaintanceship.” Webb writes, “It is not now as it was 20 years ago when everybody knew everybody else. The old are rapidly passing to their reward and the young are coming upon the scene, not so very different from their parents but under very different surroundings and conditions.” Webb says The Mountain Eagle “ardently wishes it had nothing else to do but get out and rake up the old acquaintances it once had, that it could know every John and Dick and Bill, Mary, Jane, Susan, Nancy and Betsy as it once did.”

. One man’s visit to Alice Lloyd at the Caney Creek Community Center in Knott County has resulted in a new library for Mayking School. Professor G.B. Adams’s visit to Mrs. Lloyd at Caney Creek several months ago resulted in a contribution of 1,200 books valued at $900. The books were given to the Letcher County Board of Education, which gave them to Mayking.

. The Mountain Eagle will celebrate its 19th birthday on August 26, 1926.

. Jack Max and C.A. Culbertson have established the East Jenkins Drug Company.

. Two big steam shovels are in place at the mouth of Garner on Rockhouse. The equipment will do the grading from Letcher County into Knott County on the state highway. The project leaves only the completion of the road from Eolia to the Harlan County line to finish the entire state highway system in Letcher County. “Letcher County is still a step or two ahead of any other county in the mountains in road building,” The Mountain Eagle reports.

Thursday, August 22, 1946 The Pigman brothers have opened a modern, wellequipped dry cleaning plant in a new building near the L&N Railroad Depot in Whitesburg. The brothers — Walker, Paul and Audra — all are veterans of World War II.

. The federal government, which has been operating the nation’s soft coal mines since last May, has taken the first step toward returning mines to private operation. Administration officials have called for a resumption of contract negotiations on September 10 between the producers and John L. Lewis, president of the A.F. of L.’s United Mine Workers union. Negotiations were broken off in May.

. A Cynthiana man was killed last Friday in an automobile accident near Caudill Lumber Company at Ermine. Marvin L. McKinney was driving toward Neon on U.S. 119 when his car failed to negotiate a curve and crashed into a parked car. McKinney’s car overturned and pinned him underneath. He was traveling with his cousin, Bob McKinney, who escaped serious injury.

. The City Barber Shop, owned and operated by Sam Blair and Milburn Polly, is now located in the basement of the building occupied by Williams Electric Store in Whitesburg.

. The building recently vacated by the City Barber Shop in Whitesburg will soon become a modern drug store. The Pennington family will own the store, with assistance from B. Dave Blair and others.

Thursday, August 16, 1956 The Letcher Stone Company, a limestone quarry located near the top of Pine Mountain at Whitesburg, will be sold at auction next Wednesday, August 22. A jaw crusher, a roll crusher, a wrecking ball and jackhammers are included in the sale.

. A Sandlick man was killed on Rockhouse Creek August 10 after his car missed a bridge and ran over an embankment. Larkin Niece, 54, is survived by his wife and five children.

. Former Letcher Schools Superintendent Dave L. Craft has accepted the position of principal of Jenkins High School. Mr. Craft succeeds Homer C. Davis, who resigned to accept a position at Middletown, Ohio.

. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Sergent are now in charge of Our House Grill at Mayking.

. Under the requirements of the Kentucky Department of Education, freshmen students will report for registration at Fleming-Neon High School and Whitesburg High School on Friday, August 24. All upper classmen except freshmen will report to each of the high schools on Monday, August 27. Freshmen will return to school on Tuesday, August 28.

. Pittsburgh Consolidation Coal Company is responsible for the largest cargo ship ever loaded at Newport News, Virginia. The shipment was made up of 262 railroad cars of coal and sent to Italy.

Thursday, August 25, 1966 The Letcher County Board of Education will accept bids September 9 on a combination library/cafeteria building for Whitesburg High School. The building is an outgrowth of several months of agitation by parents of students after a state fire marshal declared last winter that the old high school building and the grade school building were fire hazards.

. Father Raymond Baumann, pastor of St. George Catholic Church at Jenkins and Holy Angel Church at McRoberts for the past eight years, has left Letcher County to become assistant pastor of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church at Morning View, Ky., and St. Matthew Church at White Villa, Ky. Father Paul Nierman, formerly of Lancaster, has replaced Baumann. While in Letcher County, Father Baumann was active in developing the Raven Rock Park near Jenkins and served as chief of Fire Station No. 1 for the Jenkins Volunteer Fire Department for seven years. He also drove the school bus for St. George school more than 200,000 miles and wore out three station wagons.

. “A Very Special Favor” starring Rock Hudson and Leslie Caron is playing at the Whitesburg Alene Theater.

. Kentucky’s bumper crop of squirrels faces lean pickings and a tough winter, according to the League of Kentucky Sportsmen board of directors.

. Motorola’s new “rectangular Color TV” is on sale at Melody Mart in Whitesburg. Motorola says the new set is an “educational center … a built-in baby sitter.” Melody Mart is also carrying the new Motorola Clock Radio, which “plays you to sleep and turns itself off.”

. The Whitesburg Lions Club will hold its fourth annual auction on radio station WTCW on September 6, 7 and 8, beginning at 5:30 p.m.

. Army Private First Class Milford L. Ingram, 20, son of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Ingram, Kingscreek, was assigned to the 25th Division in Vietnam on July 25. A switchboard operator, Pvt. Ingram is a 1963 graduate of Whitesburg High School.

. Army Specialist Four John S. Holyfield, 21, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ted Holyfield, Jenkins, was assigned to the 25th Infantry Division in Vietnam on July 18. He is a rifleman.

Thursday, August 26, 1976 Letcher County teachers began picketing this week in an effort to shut down schools in the county system until the school board agrees to a negotiated contract for the upcoming year.

. The Letcher County Fiscal Court voted this week to withhold the salary for the post of Assistant County Attorney. The move came one day after a memorandum from County Attorney Leroy Fields chastising the court for fiscal mismanagement was made public in The Mountain Eagle.

. Letcher County Court Clerk Charlie Wright this week released an audit of his accounts for the calendar year 1975 showing he collected $15,730.71 in excess fees last year and has repaid to the county $10,085.84.

Wednesday, August 27, 1986 Students in Letcher County’s two school systems have improved their test scores over 1985, but at the same time both school systems dropped in statewide rankings, according to reports released in Lexington and Frankfort. Jenkins Independent Schools, which had placed 125th among the state’s 180 school systems last year, fell to 166 this year. Letcher County Schools, which were 164th

last year, are 175th this year. The rankings and scores are based on students’ performance in the Kentucky Essential Skills Tests, given last April.

. The majority of people in Letcher County approve of mandatory garbage pickup and would be willing to pay for it, a survey by the Kentucky River Area Development District says.

Wednesday, August 28, 1996 Lashawna Holbrook of Craft’s Colly and Brian Warf of Thornton have just landed lead roles in a new movie based on Kentucky writer Gurney Norman’s story, “Maxine.” The film is being made for PBS by Whitesburg filmmaker Andrew Garrison. Garrison also brought Norman’s stories “Fat Monroe” and “Night Ride” to the screen.

. Women prisoners are again being housed in the Letcher County Jail. Three female inmates who were being held in the Floyd County Jail were returned to Whitesburg on Friday, three days after the Letcher Fiscal Court agreed to let Jailer Gary Cornett hire a part-time matron.

. The producers of “Fire Down Below”, a $40 million lm now being shot in Kentucky, received permission from the Letcher Fiscal Court last week to use the county-owned tipple site located at the mouth of Cowan Creek as a prop for the movie. The fiscal court purchased the old tipple site earlier this year and wants to develop it into a countywide recycling center. Letcher County Judge/Executive Carroll Smith said Warner Bros. has agreed to donate at least $2,000 toward the project in exchange for use of the site, which is located at the junction of state highways 588 and 931.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006 Federal researchers believe coal miners in Letcher County and other Appalachian counties are getting black lung at a younger age and higher rate than other mining regions, despite the government’s measures to control coal dust levels and eliminate the disease. Some miners in their area in their 30s, 40s, and early 50s are experience rapidly progressive black lung — about 10 to 30 years sooner than cases observed in the past.

. The Jenkins Days Festival will feature Grand Ole Opry member Mel McDaniel in concert on Saturday night. McDaniel will perform live at 9:30 p.m. in the Jenkins City Park.

. Letcher County Central High School quarterback Dakota Brock set four school records in the Cougars’ win at Estill County.

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