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Clips from available Mountain Eagle pages since our founding in 1907

Thursday, October 20, 1966 The Fleming-Neon Pirates, the winningest football team in the mountains, go to Paintsville Saturday to take on the Paintsville High School team in the Big Sandy Bowl game. At stake will be the Second District championship of Class A’s Fourth Region.

Philmore Bowen has been appointed Whitesburg fire chief, succeeding the late Remious Day. Bowen has served as a member of the Whitesburg Fire Department and captain of the fire squad since 1943.

Thursday, October 21, 1976 Workers at the Millstone Tackett and Manning strip mine and a Beth-Elkhorn processing plant at Dunham walked off their jobs Tuesday in apparent support of five men who were fired from Man-Tack, a Tackett and Manning subsidiary, last month. The five men had asked for representation by the United Mine Workers. About 50 to 60 Beth-Elkhorn workers left their jobs at midnight Monday and the 20 to 25 Tackett and Manning employees walked out later Tuesday morning. The Beth- Elkhorn plant processes the coal mined at the Tackett and Manning mine.

Sample ballots for the upcoming election are included in this week’s edition of The Mountain Eagle. Candidates for president are Republic Gerald R. Ford and Democrat Jimmy Carter. Also on the ballot are candidates representing the American Party, Communist Party, American Independent Party, U.S. Labor Party, Socialist Workers Party, Libertarian Party and an independent.

Ribeye steaks are $2.29 a pound at Superior Food Market. Pork roast is 69 cents a pound.

The Whitesburg Yellowjackets shut out the Hazard Bulldogs 23-0 to win the Class AA District title for the Yellowjackets. The win earns them a berth I the Class AA State Championship playoffs.

Wednesday, October 22, 1986 Basketball coaches are asking for larger salaries and teachers are seeking more money for academic teams, but at the Letcher County Board of Education’s October meeting, neither group persuaded the board to act.

Some parents are up in arms over recent changes at Kingdom Come Settlement School. Two weeks ago things were going smoothly at Kingdom Come, then some students were taken out of the classrooms they had been in for the past two months and placed in split classrooms. To get the class sizes down to a legal number, some of the grades had to be split. That is, some second graders were placed in rooms with third graders. That didn’t sit well with their parents.

The city of Fleming-Neon will begin accepting applications for sewer system tapon grants in November, Kentucky River Area Development District grants administrator Jim Brashear said.

Wednesday, October 23, 1996 Letcher Fiscal Court is moving ahead with plans to create a countywide water district and plans to meet here in mid- November with members of an environmental study group who are interested in the project. The group will tour sections of Letcher County which need sewage disposal systems.

A new Letcher County citizen organization is “ready for change and willing to work for it,” according to its paid director, Justin Maxson. The new group, which calls itself the Letcher County Action Team, says it will work to make Letcher County, “a healthier, more prosperous and sustainable community.”

The 400-year-old trees in Lilley Cornett Woods have never felt a logger’s chain saw, but they’re being threatened now by one of the companies holding deeds to the coal beneath them. To prevent any mining, Eastern Kentucky University asked a conservation group last week for $1 million to pay Enterprise Coal Co. for nine coal seams. The university, which manages the stateowned 550-acre tract in Letcher County, said deep mining would change drainage patterns and cause the never-disturbed land to subside.

Wednesday, October 23, 2006 The Letcher County Board of Education voted 3-1 to increase taxes on real estate by four percent, the maximum allowable under Kentucky law without being subject to recall by registered voters. The new tax rate is 46.7 cents per $100 of real estate.

Letcher County’s indoor air quality has significantly improved since the county implemented a smoke-free ordinance three months ago, according a study released last week. “There was a 75% drop in the air pollution as a result of everyone being in compliance, said Ellen Napier, a community liaison for the University of Kentucky Center for Rural Health and a staff associate of the Kentucky Center for Smoke-Free Policy.

A former Letcher County Postal Service employee has pleaded guilty to embezzling $6,851.68 from her work at the Burdine Post Office.

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