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The Way We Were

Clips from available Mountain Eagle pages since our founding in 1907

Thursday, October 28, 1926 W.B. Larkin is a new jeweler doing business in Neon.

. The Elsiecoal baseball team has just completed its best season, winning the championship of the Independent League. The team finished with a 13-7 record, and was led by left-handed hitting first baseman Kelly Hampton, who batted .355 for the season.

. Hemphill School has 160 pupils and three teachers.

. George Partin, 20, was killed in a slate fall in the mines at Seco a few days ago.

. The state of Kentucky requiring all teachers to observe Temperance Day this Friday with songs, speeches, flag salutes, a pledge of loyalty and lectures lasting at least five minutes.

Thursday, November 5, 1936 President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his “New Deal” won a second term Tuesday in a historic landslide election win over Republican Alf Landon, who received only eight of 531 electoral votes in winning only Maine and Vermont. Democrats also took greater control of the U.S. Senate, where in January they will control 75 of 96 seats. Roosevelt won Letcher County’s 53 voting precincts over Landon, the Kansas governor, 6,231 votes to 3,819 votes.

. A dispute over carrying pistol at an election poll resulted in N.M. Coleman, 41, being critically wounded at McRoberts. Coleman, the Republican Party election sheriff at the poll, was shot after he allegedly reached for his pistol while being confronted about having the gun by McRoberts patrolman W.V. Hood. Coleman, who was shot twice in the stomach, was taken to the nearby Fleming hospital, where his condition was said to be grave. Hood, who is active in local union affairs, surrendered to the Letcher County Sheriff ’s Office and was released after posting a bond.

. A 23-year-old Neon woman was shot and killed Saturday night in what authorities say was an accidental shooting. The victim, Mrs. Viola Smith, was shot when a gun being admired by her husband and a man identified as Mr. Daugherty, the Singer Sewing Machine manager for this district, was fired accidentally and sent a bullet through a wall and into Mrs. Smith, who died instantly.

. Jerry Lucas, a section foreman on the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad in Letcher County, has lost his temper over losing his teeth to a thief in broad daylight on Sunday. Lucas just got the new set of false teeth, but had carefully placed them inside his lunchbox after his gums got sore. When he went to retrieve the lunchbox for dinner he found that both it — and his new teeth — had been stolen. Though angry, Lucas was able to joke about the thief realizing there was no use in stealing the lunch without teeth to eat it.

. Jesse Hall, 26, son of Mr. and Mrs. Green Hall of Kona, died in a mining accident in McDowell County, West Virginia last Monday morning. He had been working as a motorman at the deep mine there the last three months.

. Winter arrived early in Letcher County this week, dumping two inches of snow on Pine Mountain.

. A federal Works Progress Administration project to grade, drain and surface certain city streets in Whitesburg is now com-

plete. The project cost a total of $22,710 and left new concrete surfaces on Hays Street, Short Street, Church Street, Field Cliff, Bridge Street and Long Avenue. R.R. Crawford engineered the project.

. The Elk Creek Mining Company has resumed operations below Blackey and is recalling all men who were laid off.

. J. Crook is currently serving as editor of The Mountain Eagle. The business manager is W.W. Vogel.

. The Bentley Theatre in Neon is the first in Kentucky to put into use the microphonic sound system.

. Two new businesses have opened in downtown Neon — Robinson’s Whiskey Store and The Music Bar, which features dining, dancing and Italian-style spaghetti.

Thursday, November 7, 1946 Kentucky Republicans won sweeping victories in Tuesday’s general election, giving Democrats their most stinging defeat in 16 years. In the race for U.S. Senate, John Sherman Cooper of Somerset was the easy winner over John Young Brown of Lexington. Also, W. Howes Meade, a World War II veteran, defeated incumbent U.S. Representative A.J. May in the Seventh District. Nationwide, the Republicans will have the majority in the Senate in January when they will hold 51 seats.

. Two Letcher County men, both 22, were arrested Sunday and confessed to the attempted robbery a few hours earlier of the Bank of Whitesburg. James Holcomb and Carmen Stacey forced entry into the bank by prying open a rear window. Once inside the bank, they beat Clark Day, temporary night watchman into unconsciousness. Whitesburg patrolman Joe Blair stopped the robbery after shooting at one of the two holdup men and causing him to drop his pistol and a bag containing several hundred dollars while attempting to escape. Clark Day is still being treated at the Jenkins Hospital.

. Jasper Pigman’s grocery was burglarized late last Friday night, with about $40 in cash and cigarettes taken as loot. Arrested and charged with the burglary is Emmett Taylor, 18, of Millstone. Police say Taylor paid for a cab ride home from near the store with pennies he had stolen from the Pigman store.

. The Price Control Board of Whitesburg, serving the entire county of Letcher, closed on November 4. “This step marks the conclusion of almost five years of unprecedented patriotic service by the citizens of Letcher County who, through their thousands of hours of volunteer work, have prevented inflationary dangers from taking effect and saw that their neighbors had an equal right to their fair share of scarce commodities during the days of rationing,” said local board chairman R.G. Evans.

. A 23-year-old C&O Railroad worker died at Pikeville Methodist Hospital Sunday as a result of injuries he suffered while working in the railroad yards at Jenkins 18 days earlier. James Anderson Clark was a World War II veteran who served with the 725th Railway Operating Battalion in the Asiatic Pacific Theater.

. Fleming defeated Whitesburg, 13-7, Saturday in Fleming’s homecoming game.

Thursday, November 1, 1956 Betty Sue Correll, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sie Correll of Letcher County, has been chosen

as a candidate for Eastern Kentucky State College’s 1956 homecoming queen.

. A front-page photograph shows members of Boy Scout Troop 79, Whitesburg, in uniform cooking over a campfire. Scouts pictured are Payton Reynolds, Eddie Maggard, Paul M. Day, Billy Vermillion, and Billy Wayne Wright.

. Cook Auto Sales of Whitaker has announced its grand opening on Friday, October 9. The new Oldsmobile dealer will feature 18 auto models including the Golden Rocket, Super 88 and 98, and all station wagons that make up the Fiesta series.

. Bluegrass stars Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs will appear live in concert on Friday, November 2 at Isaac’s Alene Theatre in Whitesburg. On November 4, the Alene will show “Fastest Gun Alive,” starring Glenn Ford and Broderick Crawford.

. First Lieutenant and Mrs. James M. Caudill Jr. and Jimmie III have just returned to Fort Rucker, Alabama after a visit here with their parents, Judge and Mrs. James M. Caudill and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Rash.

. In his “Letcher in Detroit” column, the Rev. Byrd Adams pays tribute to former Letcher County resident Ballard Sexton, who was killed recently when his car left the road and struck a tree between Detroit and his home in Farmington Township,

Michigan. “Ballard Sexton, one of five sons of Will Sexton of Sandlick Road, had worked hard and managed well these past 12 years the family had been in Michigan. Just eight years ago he purchased a plot of land with an incomplete house in beautiful Farmington Township, about 20 miles from Detroit. Since that time, he had improved, rebuilt, and added on to the basic structure. He transferred it into a lovely five-room home with plastered and painted walls and beautiful cabinetwork. The day after his death, a truck drove up with materials Ballard had ordered to complete a porch in the back. The home was almost paid for.” Ballard Sexton is survived by his wife and four children, ages 16 to 3.

Thursday, November 3, 1966 Letcher County residents will go to the polls next Tuesday to elect a U.S. Senator, a Congressman, and school board members. They will also decide whether to adopt a new Kentucky constitution.

. Governor Edward T. Breathitt broke ground recently in Hopkinsville, his hometown, for the 56.6-mile Pennyrile Parkway. The highway is being financed from a $120 million bond issue, which also is paying for the Purchase Parkway, Western Kentucky Parkway extension and the Green River Bridge at Sebree.

. Neighborhood Youth Program for high school dropouts will be in operation

in Letcher County November 15. The program will provide jobs and pay for 300 boys and girls age 16 to 21 who have not completed high school and have been out of school for several months.

. Mrs. Faith Spaw Hensley, a teacher at Cowan Elementary School, is among those who received awards from Gov. Edward T. Breathitt at the sixth annual Conservation Congress in Louisville. She received the award for outstanding achievement through cleanup and beautification efforts.

Thursday, November 4, 1976 Widows of the 11 men entombed since March in the Scotia Mine learned Monday that the bodies will be recovered in a matter of weeks. A Blue Diamond Coal Co. official also told the group of widows and relatives of the men who were killed in the second of two methane gas explosions at Scotia that rescue teams reopening the mine are working in the “most explosive range of gas you can find.”

. Democratic President nominee Jimmy Carter won an easy victory over Republican nominee Gerald Ford in Letcher County Tuesday. Carter carried the countybya3to2margin, winning 29 precincts, losing five and tying one.

. For several months, customers of the Highlands Water company, which serves Neon, McRoberts, Fleming and Seco had complained that

the quality and quantity of their drinking water needed considerable improvement. The water was dirty, they said, and the taps frequently ran dry, particularly in areas of high elevation. Several health department tests supported both of these claims. Letcher County Health Department officials broadcast radio announcements last Wednesday informing upper county residents that their water was “grossly contaminated” and urging residents to boil water for 15 minutes before drinking.

Wednesday, November 5, 1986 The Jenkins City Council has set the date for work to begin on the city’s new water treatment plant. At a special called meeting the council signed contracts for the construction of the facility and set November 17 as the date for work to begin.

. Brereton C. Jones, of Woodford County, was in Letcher County today campaigning for the Democratic nomination in the 1987 lieutenant governor’s race. According to Jones, who recently was endorsed for the office by three former governors, eastern Kentucky can turn its economy around with the right help from Frankfort.

. In the finals of the Letcher County Elementary football tournament last Wednesday, the Cowan Bulldogs capped off an undefeated season with a 14-0 win over Whitesburg.

Wednesday, November 6, 1996 Whitesburg High School girls’ basketball coach John High and his staff are under temporary suspension from coaching duties for alleged violations of KHSAA bylaws in the WHS girls’ basketball program dealing with student transfers and recruitment.

The Hazard Social Security District Office, which serves Letcher County and three other counties, has been named the Outstanding District Office in the Atlanta Region of the federal Social Security Administration. Jane Frazier of Whitesburg is manager of the office.

Wednesday, November 8, 2006 Fighting off charges that Judge/Executive Carroll Smith stood by while valuable public funding was lost to neighboring counties, supporters of Smith released documents this week showing Letcher County has in fact asked for and received more money than any of the other seven counties served by the Kentucky River Area Development District.

Letcher County Clerk Winston Meade prepared packets to be used by election officials in the county’s 32 voting precincts on November 7. Voters will be given the choice of voting on new electronic machines or the machines they have used since the mid-1990s.

Police are investigating the theft of a safe containing $600 from the offices of Inter Mountain Cable in Jenkins.

The Jenkins Cavaliers fell to Pikeville 48-0 on Friday night to close out the season which saw the Cavs reach the state high school playoffs for the first time in more than a decade.

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