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Clips from available Mountain Eagle pages since our founding in 1907

Thursday, November 11, 1926 Some of the “choicest building lots” will be offered for sale to the public on November 20. The 150 lots, being referred to as the College View Addition, are located on the Elijah Banks tract on Hampton Branch, “one mile above the lively town of Blackey and adjoining the new Stuart Robinson School.”

. Bony Banks of Ice has 200 acres of mineral land to lease. On the property are the No. 4 seam (38 inches), the Whitesburg seam (39-1/2 inches), and No. 4 Rider (five feet). The land faces the L&N Railroad, halfway between Ice and UZ. The coal can be taken off the hill and into train cars.

. Need laundry done? The Lexington Laundry Company offers a “float roll” service at 11 cents per pound. The firm will furnish a laundry bag and pay postage for one way.

Thursday, November 21, 1946 All coal mines in Letcher County are closed as a result of the labor dispute between Secretary of the Interior Krug and United Mine Workers of America boss Lewis.

. Jack Prunty, son of Mr. and Mrs. M.E. Prunty and a student at Notre Dame University, has been confined to Memorial Hospital in South Bend, Indiana for treatment of steam burns he suffered when the train car in which he was riding came uncoupled from the rest of the train while returning from the Notre Dame-Army football game.

. The mine rescue team from Consolidation Coal Company Mine 214 at McRoberts won the championship at the statewide first aid meet in Lexington on November 9. In addition to being state champs, this team was also the winner in the intra-company meet at Jenkins and places third at the Big Sandy-Elkhorn District meet in October. Team members include Willie Baker, Elmer Lawhorn, Junior Flint, Covie Amburgey, Warren Harris, and Eddie Webb.

. It has been learned on good authority this week that the L&N Railroad has been granted permission to extend its line from Blackey to a point about 25 miles up Rockhouse Creek. The building of this railroad will be the greatest move forward for Letcher County in more than a decade. The building of this new road will mean new life and new hope for Letcher County.

. Loretta Stallard, a 12-year-old girl from Jeremiah, was burned on Tuesday at her home and died Wednesday at the Harlan hospital. Her father and four brothers survive.

. Who are the Abbott & Costello of business partners in Neon? If you answer the question correctly you’ll be awarded a top prize. Bring your answer by The Eagle or phone 95 in Whitesburg.

. A drop in demand for poultry and turkey by the military is ending the meat shortage that affected the U.S. earlier this fall.

. A stray hog weighing about 50 pounds has taken up residence at Clyde Sexton’s home at Isom. The owner may get the hog back by properly identifying it and paying the cost of the advertisement in The Mountain Eagle.

. Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman star in Alfred Hitchcock’s “Notorious,” showing at the Kentucky Theatre in Whitesburg Sunday and Monday, November 24-25.

. The grand opening of the new Haymond Theatre in Haymond will be announced soon.

. The 500,000th Chevrolet built in the U.S. in 1946 rolled from the assembly line on November 11.

. Roast chicken and dressing, Virginia baked ham, and T-bone steaks head the menu at Mother Craft’s Dining Room in Whitesburg on Sunday, November 23. Vegetables being offered are green beans, candied yams, mashed potatoes, carrot loaf, corn pudding, and caulifl ower with cheese sauce. Dessert is apple or lemon chiffon pie.

. Noting the shut-down of the federal Office of Price Administration, the R.H. Hobbs 5¢ to $1 in Whitesburg says its prices will fall. “A $2.70 dress will cost you $1.80,” Hobbs says in a note to women. “A $3.80 dress will cost you $2.53. … A $21.00 coat will cost you $14.00.”

. Consolidation Coal Company is further explaining its sale of all homes the company owns Burdine, Dunham, Jenkins and McRoberts. For those unable to buy outright for cash, a system of a down payment plus installments has been worked out. In the sale of double houses, the tenant living there the longest will be given first opportunity to buy the entire structure. Lots will be sold to those desiring to build their own houses.

. The new coal tipple under construction at Hemphill is nearly finished, and it couldn’t come at a better time. The tipple was out of commission over the weekend after the main shaft leading to the shakers broke. It is now back in operation.

. Rains have put out a number of forest fires in Letcher County, each of which has caused more damage in one day than can be restored in 50 years.

Thursday, November 15, 1956 Voters in the Jenkins Independent School District will go to the polls on Saturday, December 1 for a special election on the following question: “Are you for or against levying in the Jenkins Independent School District each year a tax not exceeding 50 cents on each $100 of property subject to school taxation in said school district, in addition to the maximum rate of $1.50 provided for under Kentucky Revised Statutes Section 160.475, the proceeds therefrom to be used for general school purposes?”

. A coal-fired furnace exploded at Ammerman Motor Company in Whitesburg on Tuesday morning, resulting in an estimated $8,000 worth of damage. A failed pop-off valve caused the blast.

. Ulis Hunsucker of Whitesburg has been appointed National Deputy Chief of Staff to the Commander-in- Chief of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Cooper T. Holt of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

. Letcher County deer hunters have found success this season in the Buckhorn Game Reserve, where 31 deer were killed the first day of the hunting season. Among those from Letcher County who got a deer were Albert Caudill, Jess Bates, and Rev. Harry Barnette.

. Fleming High School defeated Cumberland in the first Coal Bowl, 26-7. The game was played Saturday before a large crowd at Benham. Large Coal Bowl parades were

held in Neon Friday and from Lynch to Benham on Saturday. The Fleming band won first place in Saturday’s parade. The City of Cumberland hosted a dance after the game.

. The Letcher High School Eagles have won their first three games of the 1956-57 basketball season. After opening the season with a 52-38 win over Stinnett, the Eagles defeated Leatherwood, 61-50, and Owsley County, 66-56. Jack Portwood and Stanley Branson have been the team’s leading scorers.

. The kindergarten class at Stuart Robinson School was treated to a showing of the 90-minute TV show “Jack and the Beanstalk” on Monday night at the home of their teacher, Mrs. Tommy Wardrup.

. Spencer Tracy and Robert Young star in “Northwest Passage,” showing at the Alene Theatre in Whitesburg November 15-17. Frank Sinatra stars in “Johnny Concho” November 18-19.

. The 1957 De Soto automobile has arrived at Potter Motors in Jenkins. The car features a new V-8 engine with push-button “TorqueFlite” transmission. It also has a low profile, being a scant 4 feet 7 inches high.

Thursday, November 17, 1966 The War on Poverty in the Kentucky mountains isn’t giving the enemy much cause for concern, a parade of witnesses told a hearing panel here Tuesday. A Whitesburg minister likened the anti-poverty efforts to “putting a Band-Aid on a compound fracture.” The Rev. M. McCoy Franklin of Whitesburg’s Graham Memorial Presbyterian Church, speaking at a hearing sponsored by the National Council of Churches, pleaded for a more individual approach in the federally financed anti-poverty programs.

. The Letcher County Board of Education decided this week to advertise for new bids for construction of the proposed Whitesburg school library-cafeteria building.

. Stephen Caudill, one of the leading figures in the lumber and timer industry in eastern Kentucky, died at his home at Ermine on November 11. The 71-year-old Tolson Creek native operated a sawmill at Ermine for many years, expanding into the retail and lumber supply business.

. Hazen’s Department Store in Neon is holding a going out of business sale.

. Rabbit and quail season opened today.

. “Our mountains are too beautiful to be treated with such disrespect,” Blackey correspondent Charles Ann Mullis writes of garbage piles and abandoned cars that can be seen again since the leaves have fallen from trees.

Thursday, November 18, 1976 Officials of the Blue Diamond Coal Co. announced Tuesday that the bodies of the 11 men entombed in the Scotia Mine since last March will be recovered Friday. The 11 were killed March 11 in the second of two methane gas explosions at the Scotia Coal Co., a wholly owned subsidiary of Blue Diamond, which is headquartered in Knoxville, Tenn. The first explosion killed 15 mines on March 9.

. An editorial in The Mountain Eagle questioned whether “the truth can ever been known concerning the cause of two explosions at the Scotia mine last spring. For weeks and months, everyone has been told to wait

until the bodies are recovered, when investigators then will have a chance to examine the evidence and to come up with the truth. But, what investigators, and whose truth? We have been shocked the past week to learn that various employees of MESA, the federal agency charged with enforcing mine safety laws, have been going in and out of the mine, up where the bodies are, up where the explosion presumable occurred. We don’t know who else may also have been going in and out of the scene of the explosion.”

. The Whitesburg Yellowjackets became Region Four champions and advanced to the semi-finals of the state Class AA playoffs by defeating the Prestonsburg Blackcats 17-13 last Friday in Prestonsburg.

Wednesday, November 19, 1986 Cowan market owner Evelyn Maxey said she was doing end-of-the-day bookkeeping when two men wearing masks entered the store around 9:30 p.m., pointed a gun at her face and ordered her to give them the money from the cash register.

. The Letcher Fiscal Court has voted to lay off 23 persons to help keep its expenditures in line with its income. County officials cite loss of federal Revenue Sharing funds as a major cause of the lay-offs.

. Lt. Gov. Steven Beshear is “determined” to make eastern Kentucky a priority for state attention if he becomes governor next year. Beshear, a candidate for the Democratic nomination for governor, told a group of Letcher County women Monday that “it is time to make eastern Kentucky a priority, because we may not have another chance.”

Wednesday, November 20, 1996 Whitesburg girls’ basketball coach John High has 10 days to appeal his dismissal as a coach and teacher at Whitesburg High School. High, who has coached the girls’ team for nearly 20 years, was notified Monday that he was being removed from both jobs. No details were released.

. A coin toss in County Court Clerk Charlie Wright’s office decided the fate of a 371-vote tie between Ray Howard and Woodrow Tackett for a seat on the Jenkins City Council. Howard won the seat by calling tails.

. Marty Baker, of Whitesburg, won the championship of the Toughman Contest of Kentucky at the Frankfort Civic Center.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006 The trial against 41-year-old Edward Morton, who is charged with complicity to murder in the death of one of his infant triplets, entered its second week.

. Bobby D. Lewis is officially the winner of the race for the office of magistrate in District One. The Letcher County Board of Elections certified Lewis as the winner over retiring Letcher County Jailer Gary Cornett after a re-canvass of the votes cast in the November 7 general election.

. Dr. Emery E. Lane, a lung specialist who practiced medicine at the Whitesburg hospital in the 1960s, was found murdered in his home in Louisville. Less than 10 hours later, two men were charged with his murder, burglary, robbery and theft.

. Former Letcher County resident Lester Johnson, 43, was playing a Wheel of Fortune slot machine in Las Vegas and won $3.7 million.

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