Whitesburg KY

The way we were

Clips from Mountain Eagle front pages over the past 50 years

June 13, 1957

The Whitesburg Youth Council Association has set as its chief goal the installation of a recreation center in the basement of City Hall.

The proposed center would provide indoor facilities to give the community a well-rounded youth recreation program.

The Mountain Eagle recently purchased a Heidelberg 10 by 15 Automatic Platen Press. It can print envelopes at the rate of 10,000 an hour or letter-heads at the rate of 5,000 an hour. It can do as much work in a day as a good hand press operator can turn out in a week.

It can print jobs requiring one, two, three, or four colors.

Miss Adrienne Jackson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Jackson, is representing Station WNKY, Neon, in a beauty contest at the Southern Broadcasters Association Convention in Miami, Fla.

June 15, 1967

Letcher County Fiscal Court voted this week to impose a special tax to ensure continued operation of the Letcher County Public Library.

The levy will be 5 cents on each $100 of assessed valuation of property.

County Judge James M. Caudill made the motion to create the library district and levy the tax, and Commissioner I.D. Back seconded it.

Lemons are on sale at the Whitesburg A&P 12 for 49 cents.

Jobs are available for 25 young men and women who have dropped out of school in the Neighborhood Youth Corps out-of-school program in Letcher County.

The program provides training and temporary employment for young men and women 16 to 21 who have not completed high school and have been out of school for six months or more.

June 16, 1977 This issue of The Mountain Eagle could not be found.

June 17, 1987

Westmoreland Coal Co. of Philadelphia has apparently reached an agreement to purchase Bethleham Steel Corp.’s coal holdings in Letcher and Knott counties.

Industry sources say Westmoreland will acquire BethEnergy’s 80- million ton Hendrix reserves – which lie mostly in Letcher County – and rights to mine 30,000 acres.

County Judge/Executive Ruben Watts says he will ask the Letcher Fiscal Court to pass a resolution opposing the idea of bringing garbage from major East Coast cities to eastern Kentucky landfills.

“I think it’s a bunch of hogwash,” Watts said.

At issue is a southern Indiana company’s proposal to turn stripmining sites into large garbage dumps. TenEch Engineering of Clarksville, Ind., has already contracted with the Louisville office of ERA Associates, a consulting company, to find and review potential landfill sites.

From the gridiron at Whitesburg High school to Jayne Stadium at Morehead State University and now on to Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Randy Frazier is on the verge of realizing a dream come true.

Frazier, a 6’5″ and 235 pound linebacker for the MSU Eagles, signed with the Kansas City Chiefs last month as a free agent and will join the National Football League team on July 6 for the start of summer camp.

June 18, 1997

Letcher County workers are nearing the end of the first phase of setting up a 911 emergency phone system and hope to have it in use by the beginning of 1998.

That service will mean residents of Letcher County with fire, ambulance, or police emergencies will be able to dial 911 on their telephone and reach a dispatcher at the Kentucky State Police Post in Hazard. The dispatcher will receive the call on an “Enhanced 911” system which tells the dispatcher the name, address and emergency service number of the person who owns the phone from which the call was made, as well as whether it is a business, residence or pay phone.

The U.S. Forest Service has suspended all logging in the Daniel Boone National Forest in the wake of a court ruling that said forest officials were putting the interests of loggers above those of endangered species.

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