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The way we were

Clips from Mountain Eagle front pages over the past 50 years

June 20, 1957

Kendall Boggs will leave his job as principal of Whitesburg High School and grade school August 1. He will return to Cumberland where he taught for 13 years before he came to Whitesburg four years ago.

Boggs will be principal of Cumberland High School.

C.V. Snapp of the Jenkins School System said only 32 teachers have returned their acceptance forms, whereas the district requires 65 principals and teachers.

Anna Laura Caudill, mascot of the Fleming-Neon Band, recently won first place in the nine-and-10-year-old division of the Southeastern Baton Twirling Contest at Bristol, Va. She is in the fourth grade at Fleming-Neon School and is the youngest daughter of Judge James M. Caudill and Mrs. Caudill.

June 22, 1967

An investigation which began with the death of a miner in Letcher County two years ago is resulting in increased efforts to assure adequate workman’s compensation coverage for Kentucky coal miners.

The state Department of Labor said this week that it is planning to renew efforts to pass a law requiring mine operators to show proof they carry adequate compensation insurance before they can obtain mining licenses. A similar bill died in committee in the 1966 legislature.

Several complaints were voiced today concerning a job training program operated in Whitesburg by the Hazard Area Vocational School.

The program is supposed to provide training in building maintenance for 15 men who formerly were employed under the Work Experience and Training Program.

Several men in the class say they are not receiving proper training. They say they do not have adequate tools or materials to work with. They said there are three T-squares, a saw and a few other carpentry tools.

The class is supposed to learn electricity, plumbing, carpentry and painting, but has spent most of its time on painting, students say.

So far the class has spent more than 90 hours on painting, students say, most of it on buildings of the Letcher County school system.

June 23, 1977 This issue of The Mountain Eagle could not be found.

June 24, 1987

The Letcher County Fiscal Court is considering a $1.5 million bond issue to pave rural county roads.

The action was discussed at the court’s regular June meeting, but it would be about 90 days before the bonds could be sold if the court decides to go ahead with the plan, County Attorney Harold Bolling said.

The county maintains about 400 miles of roads, most of which are dirt or gravel. County Judge/Executive Ruben Watts said paving as many of those roads as possible will save money in the long run.

The Whitesburg City Council has adopted a recently completed downtown revitalization plan for the city.

Mayor James Asher gave copies of the plan to the councilmen, briefly outlining the major items.

The city can create 98 new parking places in downtown for about $150,000, the plan says, less than one-third of the cost of building a 150-car parking structure. The plan calls for paving the dirt parking lot near the railroad tracks on East Main Street, changing from parallel to perpendicular parking on Railroad Street, and reorganizing the Broadway parking lot.

The study also urges the city to create an “enterprise zone” near the bypass off ramp, and to actively seek a national hotel chain to locate on that property. The hotel would be located near a new bridge which the study proposes be built between Broadway (behind the Letcher County Courthouse and the Hobbs building) and Railroad Street.

June 25, 1997

Whitesburg City Council and Letcher Fiscal Court are in the process of creating a joint Industrial Development and Economic Authority to try to obtain more industry in Letcher County.

The authority will have the power to acquire, retain and develop land for industrial and commercial purposes in Kentucky, to aid in the development and promotion of industrial parks, to encourage the acquisition and development of land for industrial purposes by other public or private local development groups, and to sell land it has acquired to public or private organizations. The sale shall require that the purchaser must begin construction of an industrial facility within two years or return the land to the authority.

Fleming-Neon High School and Fleming-Neon Elementary School may get a facelift similar to the construction work done over the past three years at Martha Jane Potter and Cowan elementary schools.

This week’s Letcher County Board of Education meeting was the last for Mike King in his official capacity as acting superintendent of Letcher County schools. The May meeting of the board was King’s last in his official capacity as state manager of the school system.

State management of the Letcher County school system ended officially on June 6, three years after it began. King has been state manager since early 1995.

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