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Clips from Mountain Eagle front pages over the past 50 years



June 27, 1957

Beware Jenkins motorists! The town has a new red light. The red light is not located in the center of the street but is over to the side near the post office. Police Chief Toby Hall said the light is not visible to all motorists and could be dangerous.

Officials at Whitesburg Memorial Hospital want the State Highway Department to suggest means of alleviating the highway hazard at the junction of the entrance road to the hospital and Highway 15.

Glazed donuts are on sale for 33 cents a dozen at the Whitesburg A&P.

June 29, 1967

Leon Adams, of Jeremiah, has been elected chairman of a group of local residents interested in forming a mental health association in Letcher County and in establishing some sort of daycare facility for mentally retarded children in the county.

A bear was hit by a state police cruiser driven by Trooper Roy Hall on US 119 near Millstone.

June 30, 1977 This issue of The Mountain Eagle could not be found.

July 1, 1987

After withstanding years of thunderstorms, high winds and heavy snows, the nation’s largest pawpaw tree may be about to die from poisoning, its owners say.

Rebecca Ratliff says she is afraid the tree designated as the largest of its kind in the U.S. will die because it has been watered frequently from a well contaminated with a mixture of two very potent herbicides.

Even worse, said Mrs. Ratliff, is the fact that she and her family had been drinking water from the same water source before they discovered it was contaminated.

According to Mrs. Ratliff, the poison entered her water supply sometime between January and May after the Kentucky Power Company sprayed a mixture of the herbicides Garlon 3A and Tordon 101 on property belonging to her and her husband, Larry Ratliff of Kingscreek.

A project by the Letcher County Fiscal Court to restore the Fishpond Lake recreation area is nearly complete. The county began restoring the park early last summer after state and federal agencies, which for years had contributed thousands of dollars to fix up the park, ordered the county to bring the facility up to par or suffer the consequences.

July 2, 1997

The City of Blackey will receive a $650,000 rural development grant to complete construction of its new water system, which will serve 272 families.

The water system will include a treatment plant, storage tank, two pump stations and approximately eight miles of distribution lines. The water will come from the North Fork of the Kentucky River.

Responsibility for Letcher County’s proposed county-wide water and sewer system has been formally transferred from a study group to an official commission.

Judge/Executive Carroll A. Smith praised members of the study group for their work, which began in early 1996. The study group included James McAuley of Kona, Joe Begley of Blackey, Steve Taylor of Whitesburg, Don Profitt of Camp Branch, Ralph Marcum of Fleming-Neon and David Richardson of Jenkins.


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