Whitesburg KY

The weather in Ohio has been delightful

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Oh, the weather has been delightful for the past couple of days in the Harrison area. The sun was beautiful, although the air was still nippy to me, with the temperature staying in the 60s.

I mentioned in a previous column getting a fund together to get Richard Caudill a nice recliner for a house-warming gift! A friend, Susie of Arizona, suggested something called Overstock.com, where you use gift cards. Susie is so willing to donate to this. What surprised me, but I don’t know why it should, is I never heard a peep out of some so-called friends.

I’ve changed my decision, as I’m too far away to try anything. I wish I was close. Ricky knew nothing of my idea.

I received a phone call from Grant Caudill of Middletown. The name threw me into a dither. I never did explain to him, as only Grant Caudill I could recall passed away a couple of years ago.

Grant reads my column and seen I had mentioned Hessie Whitaker, and Hessie was his aunt. It was a pleasure talking to Grant.

I received an email from someone who reads my column. My computer is messing up and I can’t find the email, but he said that Alice Whitaker was his aunt. He mentioned Alice having several brothers, with one being his dad. I think I recall reading it Dewey Brown.

Alice had a brother named Frank Brown who was married to my aunt, Tena Hall Brown. Frank and Tena lived in Connersville, Ind., for some time, and then moved back to Roxana and lived with Grandma Rosa Hall.

I can remember the old car they had. It was Hudson, and the back seat made a bed.

After I read the email my thoughts started spinning back in time. B. and Alice Whitaker lived in one of the houses known as section houses by the railroad tracks. There was another house that a man named Sid Griffin lived in, which had a cistern for water. I remember some of us kids taking the cover off which had a handle to pump water, after removing the cover we would look down in it. It is a wonder we didn’t fall in.

Southern Ohio

I find it ironic the things one small thought can keep dredging up.

Will the person please get back in touch with me?

It seems at one time there were three houses in a row, yet I can’t make it clear in my head. After all I was very young. Again, it sure must have changed from the time Forester Hogg was a child until I came along.

My sympathy goes out to the family of Blackburn Hogg, as they lost another family member. Dad and Black were like brothers for many years.

It seems that Les and Pat Wagner once again have taken a chance and headed for the mountains of old Kentucky.

Saturday afternoon, Ma Crow and the Lady Slippers performed at a birthday party at Rabbit Hash General Store. I decided to go. I picked up two of my granddaughters, Jessica and Katelyn Nottingham, and drove to Rabbit Hash.

Ma & Lady Slippers had played two songs when I started getting sick and had to wave goodbye. I couldn’t wait until they finished performing. It was great to see them. I dropped Jessie and Katie off at home and was so sick trying to drive home. I slept most of the day after I did get home.

I wanted to go visit Doyle and Betty Ison, and haven’t been able too. Betty Kelly and I play phone tag lots of times.

Once again this computer is about ready to see what it looks like out in the yard, so until next time.

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