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Thelma Brown marks 82nd birthday

Bach Court

Thelma Brown celebrated her 82nd birthday on June 9 with a party held at the Bach Court gazebo.

Family and friends attended the party and Thelma and Forester cooked a huge kettle full of fresh green beans with a big piece of fatback. They also fixed coleslaw loaded with goodies.

Debbie Combs brought a kettle full of fresh mustard greens. Thelma’s granddaughter, Tammy Stamper, did all the grilling. She should get an award for the best burgers in the county.

The Sunrise Ridge bluegrass band played. Jack Adams was on banjo while Whitney Stamper was on the big, huge bass (and she played really well though it was bigger than she is). Shawn Stamper played guitar, and Roger and Myrtline Noble sang and played guitar.

Taylyn Combs also played guitar and sang several songs. Her boyfriend Robbie Kincer was there also.

Neighbors Sue Lowe, Linda Maggard, Joyce Banks, Vernetta Roark, Mahalia Banks, and Bertha Day were also there, as were Thelma’s children, Donnie Holcomb, Renea Grace, Danny and Lynette Collier. Also attending were Thelma’s sister Irene Watts, Vickie and James Lewis, Shelia Walters and Markeyea Cornett. Julie Pryor and her daughter were there also. I hope I didn’t leave anyone out.

Everyone had a great time and Thelma received lots of presents and cards. Shawn Dakota Stamper played and sang two songs on the guitar and made a wooden sign that said, “I Love You, Mamaw.” He did a really great job.

Beverly and Jeff Adams (parents of Jack Adams) will celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary on June 14.

I want to wish Darlene Maggard of Cowan an early happy birthday (June 30). Also, I want to wish Dallas Maggard a happy birthday (June 13).

It was really sad to hear of the passing of Ruby Jean Maggard. I also am sad to hear about Barb Huff passing at Kingscreek, and Major Cornett of Linefork. My sympathy to all the families.

I want to wish Carrie Lee Hall and Todd a happy 10th anniversary. Jake and Wendy Ison Lucas will celebrate their first anniversary on June 8.

I want to wish Jonathon and Regan Berry’s new addition to the family, Addis, a happy first birthday, and also Stella’s new brother.

There are three foxes in the cemetery behind the house — two pups and a mom. They’re really interesting, as I have never seen something like that in the daylight. I thought they only came out at night. They must have been hungry.

I hope the Fish and Wildlife people relocate them before they get hurt or hurt someone.

Happy birthday to William Adams, who was 63 years old on June 11, and to Shawn Collins who had his 31st birthday, also on June 11.

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