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There is no excuse to drive impaired

It’s about that time again. I hope all you folks out there had a safe and enjoyable Independence weekend.

A lot of you probably laid in the sun until you look like a king-sized lobster. Some were probably remembering that old jingle, “Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is,” after gorging yourself on everything in sight that was edible and maybe some that wasn’t edible.

Some probably just turned into couch potatoes or saw two roads and couldn’t hit either of them.

But as I stated before, I hope if you were driving impaired, you got caught at it and get the proverbial book thrown at you, and I hope they hit you with it, too.

There is no excuse for anyone to drive impaired because they can have a designated driver or simply stay off of the roads because nobody forces them to get drugged up or boozed up. They do it of their own free will out of ignorance.

Many are quite illiterate to begin with, and some who weren’t have long since fried their brains with drugs.

Taking ordinary drugs to get high is ignorant enough, but anyone who will fool with meth is out of their gourd.

Making meth is bad enough, but when they endanger the lives of innocent little children they should be put where they will never again be free as long as they live.

Little children, the leaders of the future, are abused in every way imaginable, both mentally and physically.

Many years ago a body could sleep at night without even locking their doors, or go somewhere and stay all day or all night without locking them, and not worry about anyone stealing what little they had. But those good old days are past and gone.

Nowadays the addicts are lying, cheating, stealing and even killing to get money to support their habits. I dare say that people today with drug habits would dig up their own mother if she had been buried with any jewelry on her, just to get the valuables to sell to support their habit.

Right now I can’t imagine anything an addict wouldn’t do to fund their habit, and that is so sad to think that people would let something like that control their lives so completely.

It is even more sad to think about all the little ones who suffer simply because the habit funds come before the food and clothes for them.

That’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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