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There’s always something happening in Bardstown


Hi everyone back in Letcher County. What wild weather we’ve had. We finally got some thundershowers. Nothing serious, two of the little girls in the neighborhood were riding their bikes through the rain and lightning.

Not my two, of course.

A small thunderstorm came through and we thought it wasn’t bad at all, however one or two blocks over, the electricity had been knocked out and there were trees down all over.

I tend to think that these huge warehouses from the bourbon distillery shield our house from a lot of the winds. At least the grass is once again green from all the rains. The rain was a nice relief from the heat.

It never fails though. There are people who will complain about how hot it is and how dry, then even a sprinkle gets them started griping about the fact that it’s raining.

My theory is that there are simply people on this earth who are most happy when they are miserable and those people will go to great lengths to make their life harder than it truly needs to be just so they will have something to complain about. These are usually the people who enjoy taking joy from others, as well. I find it’s best to avoid those people if you can help it and that way you don’t get pulled into their way of thinking.

Prayer list this week includes Geraldine Burton, Judy and Garland Burba, Melissa Day and Judy Hicks.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th.

Some people in the area hate living in a “tourist town” or, as a few refer to it, a tourist “trap.” They do smile when they say it so it’s not necessarily bad.

I’ve really enjoyed living here and there is always something going on. If you miss one activity or event there is another right behind it.

We have tons of historical sites, probably every fast food place you can think of. If we don’t have it, Louisville or Elizabethtown does. We have a Sonic under construction on Third Street near Arby’s, Hardee’s, KFC and Wendy’s.

There is never a dull moment, whether it’s the upcoming Billy Joe Royal/B.J. Thomas concert or the other events that go along with that. We have the skate park at the city park, where there is a city pool, of course.

The Bardstown Independent Schools offered a girls’ basketball camp (day camp) for one week and a boys’ basketball day camp the following week. The schools offer free breakfast through the summer to anyone who needs to stop in and eat.

It is so different from what I was used to.

Every night and a few times a day a patrol car passes the house, just patrolling. The city curfew is 11 pm for anyone under 18, although I have heard some little girls on their bicycles screaming and giggling at much later hours lately. The fine, if they’re seen by the officers, is around $500.

A train hauling chemicals used in making plastics derailed recently. It was on Taylorsville Road and Waterson Trail.

Some people were evacuated due to respiratory concerns.

Music star Steve Holy performed at the J. Dan Talbott Amphitheatre and signed autographs while meeting fans.

There are plan in the works for Barton Brand distillery to build a visitors center about two blocks from our home.

They’re debating whether or not to add another warehouse to house the aging bourbon, rye whiskey, and other spirits that are made by the company.

There’s also the desire to turn the old library building into an upscale restaurant. The library was relocated to the old Flaget Memorial Hospital building in the middle of town when the hospital moved to its bigger, newer building out on Hwy. 245.

As I said before, there is always something going on around here.

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