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There’s still time to register to vote, file as independent

The filing deadline for partisan candidates may be past, but there’s still time for voters and independent candidates to register.

April 23 will be the last day for people who are not registered to vote to register for the Primary Election. Those who are already registered have already missed the deadline for changing parties.

Anyone who will turn 18 before the November 6 General Election can also vote in the May 22 Primary Election.

Candidates seeking to run as independents have until April 2 to file a notice of intention to run, and until August 14 to file any petition or certificate required to run in the fall.

Partisan and some nonpartisan candidates have already filed for the Primary, and candidates have drawn for ballot position in Letcher County. There are no Republicans running in the races for state representative, District 5 magistrate, county attorney, coroner, county surveyor, or constables in district 3, 4, or 5.

Here is the final list of names that will appear on the ballot in the May Primary Election.

U.S. Representative in Congress, 5th Congressional District:

• Republican – Harold “Hal” Rogers, Gerrardo Serrano

• Democrat – Kenneth S. Stepp, Scott Sykes

State Representative, 94th House of Representative District:

• Democrat – Angie Hatton

County Judge/Executive:

• Republican – Mica Smith Johnston, Terry Adams

• Democrat – Jim Ward


• Republican – D. L. Hammonds

• Democrat – Carlos Eugene Slone, Roland Craft, Mickey Stines


• Democrat – Jeffrey L. Mullins, Bert Slone Jr., William Gibson, Luther Tackett, Kenneth R. Anderson

Magistrate District 1:

• Republican – Jack Banks

• Democrat – Bobby Ray Howard, Ben Fields

Magistrate District 2:

• Republican – Roger Nease, Brad Collie, Jessica Brown

• Democrat – Sherry Sexton, Donald (Don) McCall, Mike Hall, Curt King, Therman Begley Jr.

Magistrate District 3:

• Republican – Maverick Cook, Dallas Adams, Leonard Tackett

• Democrat – Codell Gibson, Emory “Fudge” Mullins, Woody Holbrook

Magistrate District 4:

• Republican – Robert “Sarge” Howard, Kenny Whitehead

• Democrat – Melody Coots, William “Cheddy” Smith, Roger D. Back, Houston Meade, JR. Banks

Magistrate District 5:

• Democrat – Steve Vernon Addington, Bennie McCall, Johnathon Belcher

County Clerk:

• Republican – Hatler Kiser

• Democrat – Winston Meade, Patty Wood

Property Valuation Administrator:

• Republican – Richard Glenn Brown

• Democrat – Randy Blair, Ricky Rose

Commonwealth’s Attorney:

• Republican – Edison G. Banks II

• Democrat – Ellis L. Keyes

County Attorney:

• Democrat – B. Jamie Hatton

Circuit Court Clerk:

• Democrat – Mike Watts, Larry Adams


• Democrat – Renee Campbell, Clifford Wade Fields

County Surveyor:

• Democrat – Richard Hall

Constable District 1:

• Republican – Chris Caudill

• Democrat – Roger Eldridge

Constable District 2:

• Republican – Robert Collins, Austin Blaine Johnson

• Democrat – Brian S. Collins, John Doc Amburgey

Constable District 3:

• Democrat – Jesse Lee Bates

Constable District 4:

• Democrat – Harvey B. Campbell, Terry Perkins

Constable District 5:

• Democrat – Roy Triplett, John F. Wyatt

Nonpartisan Judicial Races

Judge, Seventh District Court of Appeals, Division 2:

• David Allen Barber

• Donald Howard Combs

• Kevin P. Sinnette

• Gene Smallwood Jr.

• Larry E. Thompson

• Jim G. Vanover

District Judge, 47th Judicial District:

• Kevin Russell Mullins

Editor’s note: Candidates Roy Triplett, for constable District 5, and Leonard Tackett, for magistrate District 3, were accidentally left off the list of candidates previously reported. PVA candidate Randy Blair’s party was incorrect.

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