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They’re on whose side?

We’d like to believe the Bush administration’s claims about progress in Iraq. But the Iraqi government’s actions make it look as if Iraq and the U.S. are operating in parallel universes.

Because what they are doing and what the White House is saying don’t add up.

It raises – again – what has become the central question in Iraq: Just what is the definition of success for the United States?

And at the heart of the problem? Iran.

In our universe, the United States has all but declared war on Iran. …

But in Iraq’s universe?

It just signed contracts worth $1.1 billion with Iranian (and Chinese!) companies to build a pair of power plants to serve Iraq. One will be built in Sadr City, a hotbed of anti-U.S. sentiment as the headquarters of Moktada al-Sadr, perhaps the top Shiite critic of the U.S. in Iraq.

Meanwhile, when the U.S. recently detained a group of Iranians in Iraq, Maliki announced he had invited them in to talk with his government.

And increasingly, when U.S. forces announce the deaths of militants after firefights, the Iraqi government routinely says the deaths at the very least included civilians, and usually children. …

Maybe we’d better amend what we said at the beginning of this editorial. The real question in Iraq: Just whose side are Maliki and Iraq on?

– Pensacola (Fla.) News Journal

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