Whitesburg KY

Thieves ruin decorations intended for Neon park

The City of Fleming-Neon will not be able to put out its Christmas display in the city park this year because thieves and vandals broke into the Hazen Building where the displays were stored and stole all those with electric wiring and vandalized others. City officials said they believe the motive was to obtain copper.

Last year the city had a display that ran the length of the city park and featured a number of “moving” displays as well as stationary ones.

The Fleming-Neon City Council learned about the theft at its November meeting. The council agreed that the city needs to obtain funding to repair the old Hazen Building.

In other business, Police Chief Henry Day introduced new officer Joshua Webb to the council and asked it to purchase body armor for him. Mayor Suzie Polis gave the OK for the body armor and also told Day to check prices on a new police cruiser.

State Representative Leslie Combs visited the meeting and asked the members for a list of things they would like to see accomplished in the coming year. Combs said she will work on getting the city’s needs addressed in the coming legislative session.

Council member Cheryl Furby moved to amend the city’s spending ordinance so the council can spend up to $10,000 without bidding. Furby also moved to amend the water and sewer ordinance in response to a requirement from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to raise water and sewer rates to borrow money to complete the sewer project at Haymond. The water rates will be raised to $12.75 for the first 2,000 gallons and all over 2,000 gallons to $5.25 per 1,000. Sewer rates will be raised by 75 cents.

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