Whitesburg KY

Thieves stealing metal roofs

Just when I thought I had seen or heard of every type of thief imaginable, a new one surfaces.

Over the years there have been ‘hoss’ thieves, cattle rustlers, claim jumpers, train robbers, bank robbers, embezzlers, auto thieves, chicken thieves, poachers, tool thieves, copper thieves who will steal telephone lines no matter whose life may depend on being able to call for assistance in an emergency.

As if we didn’t have enough thieves, now they are stealing metal roofs off of houses. So if you have a metal roof on your home or other type of building, you best not leave them unattended for very long or you will certainly know when it rains. Nobody will have to tell you.

If you are watching for a thief, forget it because he is also watching you. A thief will work like a borrowed mule to steal something, but if you ask one to do an honest day of labor they’ll laugh at you as if your elevator is not going all the way to the top floor.

I would venture to say that most of the thefts are to pay for the drug habits of many. But some thefts occur simply because people have become too lazy to work at a paying job.

Sometimes the thieves will even harvest the produce from your garden for you and not charge you a dime for doing it, because they also keep what they harvest, and green beans will fetch $25 to $30 a bushel.

There is too much manual labor involved digging potatoes, so they are reluctant to bother them. But tomatoes and corn are a horse of a different color.

In other words, a thief will steal anything that can be disposed of in a timely manner, whether it fetches a lot or a little. But as I said, a good portion of the proceeds goes for drugs.

That’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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