Whitesburg KY

Things are greener in the flatland

A few days ago I finally got my drive in the countryside outside of Somerset.

I wasn’t doing the driving, only riding, and doing a lot of gawking (looking). Things are much greener in the flatlands than they are here with the mountains.

The farm tractors were in full force, heading from one field to another along the highway. The winter wheat fields are green and pretty, and the farmers use the no-till method quite a lot down there which stops 95 percent of the erosion of the soil because it is not tilled.

The pastures are green and pretty, and they are bringing in a lot of cattle to graze and fatten up for the market later on. My oldest son drove me and my oldest grandson down there, and they moved around the cabin, which is at Lake Cumberland, and I did the watching from inside the cabin and in a chair outside.

But I did get to do the cooking, so I didn’t feel completely useless.

The area they mowed looked like a hayfield before they started on it but it looked nice when they got done with it.

I love to just sit outside and look at all those big, beautiful trees, realizing how long it took for them to grow so big. There are a lot of hickory trees, and I’ll bet the squirrels really have fun in the fall gathering them for the winter.

I didn’t see any squirrels scampering about yet. I guess they are still in hibernation.

The cabin was where I had heart failure, and my grandbabies were reluctant to go back for awhile because they were afraid I would do it again. I finally got them to understand that it could have happened anywhere.

That’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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