Whitesburg KY

Thinks our taxes could be used for better things

First off, I want to thank Speaker Richards for ending the 67-item special session. $60,000 per day is a waste of taxpayers’ money. However, agreeing to another session to cut a special deal for Peabody is no better.

Peabody is the biggest coal company in the world and had $600 million in profits last year alone. I think the state of Kentucky would be better off by investing that money in other places, like health insurance, public schools, renewable energy, and other community services.

To give Peabody or any other company that much of our tax dollars, they will have to use coal severance money. Isn’t that money supposed to help us create different jobs as opposed to propping up the same old thing? Plus, they will be diverting resources we need here in eastern Kentucky to another part of the state. Shouldn’t we use our resources to sustain our communities?

Besides, the coal companies are destroying our communities and the environment. The protections around surface mining were signed into law 30 years ago on the third of this month. Since 1977, they’ve been watering down the regulations and issuing permits that don’t even match those guidelines. They are polluting our streams and destroying our mountains. So why are we going to give away our tax dollars to an industry that doesn’t play by the rules? We’re going to use up our coal reserves faster without protecting our communities and heritage or creating different jobs that will support our future generations.


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