Whitesburg KY

This is Christmas

As noted in the editorial above, like many other people, Christmas was the favorite holiday of late Mountain Eagle publisher Tom Gish, who died November 21 at age 82. The following editorial appeared in the issue of December 24, 1959, three years after Tom and wife Pat, the Eagle’s current publisher, assumed ownership of the paper.

We are living in exciting days. Jet airplanes have exceeded the speed of sound. “Sputniks” have been put in orbit in space. A guided missile has been reported to have reached the moon. A great many concepts of time and space have had to be revised or discarded. Truly, these are exciting times.

But this season we celebrate an event that for sheer excitement rivals all the events that are happening today. Christmas for us Christians is the celebration of the day when eternity invaded time, infinity became finite, God became man, Jesus was born. Instead of newspapers, radio and television heralding the event, angels from the realm of glory announced the event in speech and song. A wondrous star in the firmament heralded the occasion. Life, thought, faith, hope, love became different as they felt the impact of Him who was and is “the Way, the Truth and the Life.” “The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.”

Above the sounds of commerce, the laughter of gift giving and receiving, the songs of good fellowship; amid the scenes of tinsel and lights, of color and brightness, we, who have been redeemed, hear anew the angel’s message, “There is born today . . . a Saviour” and we see by faith the Star that heralds Jesus as our King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

This is Christmas.

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