The Mountain Eagle
Whitesburg KY

This is the season for memorial meetings


Den Arthur and Judy Adams were here recently to attend the memorial meeting at the John C. Adams Cemetery. Also, Wayne Blair and others who have loved ones buried there attended. It was also the reunion at the Blair Branch School property that weekend.

We were all glad that Melody and Travis Morton weren’t hurt badly in their recent car accident in front of their home.

Sunday was the memorial meeting at the Spring Branch Cemetery. A small group of those whose family and friends are laid to rest there came out to remember them.

Homer and Ruth Smith weren’t able to attend because of being in Goshen, Ohio, to attend Northern New Home Church. We missed others who are usually there, but had a nice outdoor service. Ray Dean Adams wasn’t able to attend because of an infection on his foot. He may have to have surgery to clear it up and we hope he is feeling better. It was good to see Ruby Ashley able to attend the service.

Joyce Adams spent a couple of days in the hospital last week because of problems with her diabetes. She got to go home on Sunday.

Mrs. Coy Fields, Mary Ellen Blair, and Howard Adams Jr. have also been patients at Whitesburg Appalachian Regional Hospital. We hope they’re all feeling better.

The Dixon Memorial Church has cookbooks for sale for $10 each. The ladies of the church and community got the recipes together and if you would like to buy one, contact any of the church members.

Last Sunday, Bob, Kenny Joe and I, Don and Coreen Pridemore, and Liberty and Noah Campbell went to Blue Lick Battlefield State Park. We spent the night, fished and walked while there, and headed home on Monday. It is a nice park and we enjoyed being together.

Don’t forget this Saturday is the Doty Grade School reunion.

On June 23, the H.D. and Anna Dixon Caudill family reunion will be held at the Carcassonne Community Center. Family and friends are welcome to attend. It starts at 10 a.m. and please bring a covered dish.

Floyd Watts of Linefork, died last week. He was a good old man, loved by many. We send our sympathy to his wife, Lucy, and his family.

Vada Blair was pleased recently to attend the graduation of her granddaughter, Jordan. We saw Jordan on the TV sports news in Lexington. She was pitching for her Scott County team.

Jim and “Dosh” Fields were sad to have their daughter, Renee, and her husband move to an Army base in Oklahoma. They will miss them and little Abby and worry about them, I’m sure.

The Pridemore reunion was held last Saturday in Knott County. Most of the Letcher County Pridemores got together with their Knott County cousins.

Mom and Dad, Coreen and Don Pridemore, stopped in at the Knott County Historical Society after they left the reunion. They wanted to talk with David Smith to see if he had heard from Dad’s cousin, Pat Thrash, in Houston, Tex. Since her husband’s death we hadn’t heard from her. Pat, if you still get the Eagle we send you our thoughts and a big hello.

This weekend is the memorial meeting at Blair Branch Church and everyone is welcome to attend.

Mamie Engle has had her daughter, Bobbie, of Michigan, staying with her for a week or so. She had some doctor’s appointment and Bobbie came in to take her.We would like to wish Myrtle Blair and Ruby Caudill both a happy birthday. I’m not sure of the exact dates of their birthdays, but know that they are coming up.

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