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This past week had its ups and downs

This has been one of those weeks. Everyone has probably had one or more like it.

It started out on a happy note with the arrival of company from down home. Red’s brother and wife, Charles and Delores, came Friday and left Monday. We always enjoy their visits even though most of our time is spent talking and eating. Delores and I did go to the mall Saturday, I had to buy some clothes to fit, might say I’m downsizing. Red and Charles went to check out Bill’s store.

Want to let you girls know I did get a pan of fudge, thought the last batch was the best ever but this batch has got to be the best ever, yum! And guess what Charles brought. Can’t? A jar of Lloyd Roe Molasses, the best I have ever eaten or cooked with. Love and thanks to both of you. They left Monday morning and Red and I both had a lonesome dreary day, which was also what the weather was like, cold, rainy, dark and dreary.

Now the other side of the week. As I told you before, Sarah Belle was in a nursing home in Cincinnati. Just found out that she is back in the hospital and not doing so great, but will find out soon just what is going on and how serious it is. Billy Wayne and I plan to go down to see her on Sunday.

Georgia has had a pretty rough week. She’s still having problems with her sinus. She had to see a doctor Tuesday and will see another one next week.

Other than that I guess the families are doing fairly well. Haven’t seen Billy Wayne since Sunday. I had invited them to join us for dinner. I have talked with him and Redia has been by a couple times.

On the prayer list this week are Sarah Belle Sergent, Cincinnati; Clara Pfister, Clarkston, Mich., who had some tests done Monday, pray that everything will turn out well; Wayne Adams, Isom, who suff ered a heart attack; his mom, Jeanette, and his dad, who is on dialysis. I’m sure Jeanette needs all the prayers and support she can get, what with working a job, taking care of an ailing husband and now the added worry about her son.

Prayers also for Gaynell Adkins, Columbus, Ind., and Doris King, Davenport, Iowa. Both of these ladies went through two surgeries each this summer.

Prayers also for Kathy Hoffmann and her family, who have had some medical issues lately, and Georgia Sergent.

I wish each and every one a speedy recovery. My love and prayers are with you.

While you are saying your prayers, you could also mention Jeanie Adams, Louisville; Anna Goins, Whitesburg; and don’t forget Red Engle, Lorain.

We have been having some pretty cool weather, sometimes downright cold. This way maybe I’ll get used to what’s coming next. I never did care for cold weather even when I was a very young girl, could never join the rest in snowball fights, building snow forts or sliding down the hill on a sled or whatever we, rather they, found would work.

Red just called his sister Jean, said she was okay. She had gone to the Center today and she also said she now has a brand new greatgranddaughter. Don’t know when or weight or name yet. She is the daughter of Heather (Shortt) and Chris Counts, of West Virginia, and the little one has a big brother, Bailey. Her grandparents are Terri (Hunsucker) and Phillip Shortt, Pound, Va. Welcome, little one, and congratulations to all the family. Now you have another one to love and watch grow up.

I hope the mountains have shown a more colorful wardrobe than we see around here, just a drab brown and already falling. Here and there one might see a beautifully red or gold clad tree. I have really missed the glorious colors this year. The most colorful thing around our place is the green of the mustard patch; won’t be too long before I will be picking a mess. Can’t wait!

It’s time to say so long until next time, and in the meantime, I wish you health, happiness, and a most peaceful and profitable week. See you!

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548,emmalouengle@ yahoo.com

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