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This past weekend was go, go, go

Hello everyone. I hope each of you is doing well and enjoyed your weekend. Our weekend was the longest one I have had in a while.

Friday, the kids had a long afternoon practice at Revelation Ranch as they are preparing for the upcoming rodeo, and then they had the boys-only campout. Being the worrywart that I am, I worried myself sick about Bailey. He was fine, though, and had a blast.

Saturday, I baked all morning for the bake sale and car wash for the kids who participate in Heart Light. I followed up with a long afternoon practice at the ranch again and a potluck dinner.

Then of course today, Sunday was Mother’s Day. Toss about a hundred other things in and there you have my weekend. It has been go, go, go. I’m ready for the normality of the school week!

Michael, the boys, and I went to Mom and Dad’s for a little while Sunday. I helped Mom cook dinner and then after we all ate and got the kitchen cleaned up, we took her up to the Clarence Blair Cemetery to set out some flower bushes. They were beautiful with lots of pink bloom. She told me the name of them, but I have forgotten.

Later Sunday afternoon we went to visit Michael’s mom and grandma for a while. I hope all the moms, grandmas, and moms-tobe out there had a great Mother’s Day and were pampered as they should be. Blair Branch

I am so blessed to have my mom, Sylvania Whitaker, as a mother. Even if I wrote 1,000 words, it would not be enough praise for her. She is so kind, caring, loving, and humble. I could go on and on all day.

I just hope that as adults, my boys love me and think of me in the same way that I love and think of her, even though I’m not a 10th of the woman she is. I love you, Mom!

Mom said she had received a call from her nephew Jonathon Blair on Saturday. It had made her day to hear from him.

My sister Missy and her family, as well as Opal Jent, had all spent the weekend camping at Carr Creek with some friends who work with them at East Kentucky Veterans Center.

I told them I am mad that they all had a blast relaxing while I had to be on the go all weekend. Of course, I was only kidding, but I was a little envious.

Missy’s oldest daughter, Deidra Gibson, had to go to the emergency room this weekend. Even though it wasn’t time just yet, it looks like we will be blessed with a baby girl pretty soon. I am so excited.

Jake Halcomb was in the hospital at Hazard this past week with congestive heart failure. He was able to come home, but his daughter Jamie Collins said her son had taken him back to the emergency room because his face was really red and swollen. I’m not sure if they readmitted him or not.

Minnie Blair has been in Hazard ARH as well. She has been having trouble breathing. I haven’t heard from her in the past few days, but I know she wasn’t doing well at all the last time I heard.

Breanne Connelly has been down with kidney stones and gallstones. I know she had to be miserable having both at the same time. Neither is a walk in the park.

According to Juanita Hensley, Wade Whitehead was in a motorcycle accident this afternoon due to a dog running across the road in front of him. She said he fractured his ankle, hurt his shoulder, and had some pretty bad scrapes, but thankfully other wise was okay.

Sonja West hasn’t been feeling well. I believe she has been having some problems with her stomach. I hope she is feeling better too .

Taytam Webb, daughter of Chalena Williams and C.D. Webb, had an exciting evening as she danced her heart out at Pine Mountain Grill for her middle school prom on Saturday. I enjoyed taking some photos of her. She looked beautiful.

Charlene and Becky Halcomb had a surprise birthday party for their sister Jean and Becky’s daughter, Sarah Maggard, this weekend. I hope you all had a wonderful time and I am so sorry I couldn’t attend. We just had too much going on, but we really wanted to be there.

I hope that Vette Blair- Caudill and her family had safe travels and good weather as they enjoy themselves at the beach this week! I am so jealous.

Randy Adams and Joan Watts will celebrate their birthdays on May 14, and Rame Adams on May 17. That is it for the birthdays this week. I hope each of you has a wonderful day that is filled with all the love and laughter in the world. Happy birthday!

Fred and Cyra Whitaker will celebrate their wedding anniversary on May 17. Happy anniversary, you two! I hope you have many more love-filled years together.

If I have left anyone or anything out, just let me know and I will be glad you get you next time. I hope everyone has a healthy and happy week.

If you would like to contact me, feel free to give me a call or you may email me at: alanacouch@hotmail.com.

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