Whitesburg KY

This weather will make us appreciate spring, summer


Hello, everyone, hope you are all doing well and keeping warm. Winter will soon be here on Dec. 21. It sure feels like winter now. It will make us appreciate spring and summer.

I enjoyed going up to the Ermine Center a few days ago and seeing everyone. They have lots of fun up there. I’ve not got to go on any of their trips. I miss that.

Visitors during the Thanksgiving holiday with Patty Majority were her son, Mike Majority, and family. He is recovering from back surgery and is doing real well. They returned home on Saturday to Sumpter, S.C. They all enjoyed the visit.

I got a call from my friend, Anna Watkins in Florida. I love hearing from her. Her family was all well, except for a sister who is not doing well and needs prayer. My sister, Betty Tyree, was here and got to talk with her also.

The ladies of our church had a birthday party at Dairy Queen on Thursday night for all the ones who had a birthday. We all had a good time.

We appreciate all the people who have worked so hard on our church to make it so beautiful. I better not mention names or I’ll leave someone out. You know who you are. A big thank you!

Thank you, Audry Baker, for the pretty Christmas card. A merry Christmas to you!

Emma Lou Engle, you made me hungry talking about your mustard greens. I wish I could have helped you eat them.

The Howard Christmas party will be Dec. 13 at the Sandlick Fire Department. So everyone get ready! See you there!

I enjoyed a long talk with my friend, Margaret Enfusse. We took a walk down memory lane and laughed over some of our good times. We still miss them.

My son, Rob, and I enjoyed a good birthday dinner at the home of Sandra and Billy Hatton. It was their son, Jamie Hatton’s, birthday. We had lots of good food and lots of good company seeing everyone last Wednesday evening.

I went to Letcher Manor on Sunday to visit Camille (Combs) Fettering. I love visiting her. Madge Combs was asleep and Katherine Frazier and Lucinda Roberts also and I wouldn’t wake them.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church this week.

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