Whitesburg KY

This winter just keeps hanging on


Warm a couple of day, cold a couple of days, who knows about this long winter? It seems to keep hanging on, but at least the daffodils are blooming and bringing a little color to our landscape.

Did everyone see the big, full moon this past weekend? It was a bright white Saturday night, and I saw where Sunday night, I believe, was a solar eclipse.

Glad to see that Lance Breeding was doing better and able to be out to church this past Sunday. He has recently been in the hospital, as was Eugene Collins, Opal Adams and Sterlin Caudill. Hope they are all feeling better.

Lee and Wilma Pridemore have both had the flu, but are better. Wilma’s mother, Irene Dixon, had to be taken from Letcher Manor for a couple days’ stay in the hospital, also.

Our friend ‘Buggy’ Viola Adams felt better after a recent hospital visit where she received a couple units of blood before going back to the nursing home. She is a delight to talk with, as is Mable Jo Buttrey, as you pass her room.

I also checked on Lillie Moss Hale and she had Mary Jo Blair and Danna Smith visiting, too. We visited with Mary Blair, as did Ernie Caudill, who was there visiting his dad, Coman.

This past Sunday made 32 years that Bob, Mary Blair and I had been baptized at the Blair Branch Church. When you look at the photos of that day, so many members and friends are no longer with us, which in nature makes us sad.

We had a good crowd Saturday evening and Sunday morning at Blair Branch Church and a good service, too .

Toby and Coleen Breeding are home from their winter vacation in Florida, and Toby was at church. All were glad that they are home, but probably not nearly as glad as June and Lori are. Toby caught some big bass according to the photos we saw.

James Caudill is feeling better and also made it out on Sunday.

Belated birthday wishes to Margaret Bowling of Doty Creek, who turned 94 last week.

Bob also had a birthday, and Don and Coreen Pridemore, he and I all went for a drive and were going to have lunch at Buckhorn State Park, but found out they haven’t started serving lunch during the week yet. It’s still too early in their season’s transition from winter to spring, so we took some old roads and came out at Jackson for lunch, then traveled the old road between Jackson to Hindman.

We saw three elk and enjoyed looking at the old houses, barns and such along the way. Dad said he used to travel that road to Lee’s College as a young man.

Richard Smith and Sandy Hall also had March birthdays, and Bonita and Jerry Adams’s granddaughter, Sadie, did too.

Bonita, Liberty and Noah went to Morehead for Sadie’s second birthday party on Saturday, and said she had a ball.

Sterlin and Mertie Caudill recently had a car accident, and their daughters are here helping them out while they recuperate. Sterlin is in the hospital and Bob talked with them Sunday, as did others of their family and friends.

All were saddened by the terrible tragedy that happened here last Sunday evening. Our sympathy to all of David Ritchie’s family and friends. It’s something you can’t imagine happening to someone, whether you know them or not.

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