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Thomas Wolfe marking birthday

Big Cowan

Hello folks. What a wonderful week we have had.

While at Pikeville last week, I ran into Van and Betty Webb. Such sweet people. He has been a pastor at Freedom Fundamental Baptist Church at Dunham for almost 47 years. They invited me to come and visit.

I am looking forward to going some Sunday morning. Plus, they are both cancer survivors.

Had a good weekend going to yard sales, movies and to the David Ball Pioneer Playboys concert at Kingdom Come Community Center. Very good older, country music.

Also heard Gary and his group, and William Caudill. Really good concert, and free. Then church on Sunday night.

Happy birthday to my nephew, Thomas Wolfe. He will be 36 on May 10. Love you, Buddy.

Also, Bro. Glenn Seaman will be 69 on May 10. He was my former pastor in Greensburg, Ind., and also my first pastor. I truly respect this man. He has had some health issues lately. Keep him in prayer. Hoping he has a happy, healthy birthday.

My family doctor of several years, Ricardo C. Domingo, died recently. Keep his family in prayer.

Got a wonderful letter from Ella Preston the other day. She is doing well. I love this lady and was so glad to hear from her.

My aunt Nova Lee Sexton Fields died three years ago on May 9. She was married to the late Benton Fields, and she is still missed by all who knew her.

Happy birthday to Mary Jacobs on May 12. She is Melinda ‘K-K’ Daniel’s mom.

Bro. Charles Large in Virginia will be 70 years old on May 13. Hoping he has a great day. For those of you who do not know him, he preached James’s funeral. Such a great man of God.

Bill King died two years ago on May 13. He is still missed by his family and friends.

Eunice Hall died two years ago on May 13. She was the mother of the late Guy Stewart and is missed by all who knew her.

Jesse Layne Sturgill will be two years old on May 15. Happy birthday, Sweetie. He is a grandson of Dana and Doug Sturgill.

Hard to believe I have another granddaughter getting ready to graduate from high school. They grow up so fast. Rebecca Kay Fields will be graduating from Greensburg High School in June. Her late papaw and I am so proud of her and we both were looking forward to see her graduate. She is planning on going to college in Indiana to be a dental assistant.

Hope she fulfills all of her dreams, and congratulations.

We have another one in a couple of years. Hoping I will be healthy enough to attend it also.

My cousin, the late David Ray Dobson, would have been 53 on May 1. He is still missed by all of us. Another life taken too soon.

My brother, Archie Ray Fields, spent a few days in Whitesburg ARH. He had bronchitis, then a touch of pneumonia. He is home now and doing some better.

Sorry to hear that Jerry Hall died. He was the brother of Rose Ballard, who writes for The Mountain Eagle from Ohio. My sympathy goes to her and the rest of the family.

This world is getting more wicked every day. I heard this week of two preachers stepping down, and another one who was asked to step down. Prayers are needed for the churches. Some people live one way and do another, and God will not wink at sin.

You might fool men, but you will never fool God. I am not saying these preachers did this, only God knows the reasons behind this.

We need to pray more and pray that God will put leaders in the churches who will preach the truth and be able to handle problems that arise in the churches and not let someone else try to rule it and cause people to lose respect for the pastor.

Has anyone heard if Edith Fields is okay? I have not seen her for awhile. She always came up Cowan and honked her horn when she passed. I heard she had been in the hospital awhile back, and never heard anything else. Praying that she is okay.

Keep everyone in prayer this week. Be good to each other. Attend the church of your choice.

May God bless all of you.

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