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Those born on Feb. 29 can celebrate this year

Northeast Ohio

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all. Hope all you ladies young and old get lots of candy, roses and maybe a dinner out. Why not all three? I can sorta remember when I used to get a really fancy box of chocolates. I still have one of the boxes. I believe I put the date on it, 1979. It’s pink silk with lace, ribbons and a flower. Don’t believe I’ve seen many, if any like that recently.

I’ve been watching the news. My heart goes out to all those who lost everything they had including loved ones. It makes me ashamed for complaining about cold, rain, snow and winds. We should get on our knees and thank God every day for sparing us.

Red seems to be feeling some better, for which I am thankful. He is far from well though. He talked to his sister, Jean. She said she had been to see her doctor, who told her it could be several months before she can expect a full recovery. That may not happen, she could have some small effect. Red had a stroke in 2002 and still has trouble with his right leg.

I forgot a birthday last week. Our grandson-in-law, Jeremy Taylor (Catharine), has a proper birthday this year. It is on February 29, so happy birthday Jeremy.

Billy Wayne opened his store. He had planned to do flea markets but found a building he could rent. He calls it “Engle’s”. Right now he’s selling used work clothes, pants, shirts, jackets, coveralls, jeans, shop/lab coats, chef coats, chef pants and some ladies smock tops. He eventually plans to add other items. I just hope he does well. I’m helping by checking pants and shirts and I must say he is getting some nice merchandise.

I talked to Georgia. She had one dilly of a cold which started last week, but she is feeling some better, just weak. I also talked to Jettie a few days ago. She and Chester were OK. Chester just had his 78th birthday. This Sergent family is jist agittin on in years.

From what I read in last week’s Eagle, I got the impression that Cherry D. Collins had passed away. If so, my heartfelt sympathy to all his family. We knew the whole family. His dad and mom were Willie and Birdie Collins and I do remember Opalene and most of the others. If I’m wrong, I do apologize.

Nellie Banks, Bloomington, Ind., and I took a trip to the mountains and also back in time. We did lots of walking, which was about our only mode of transportation (shank’s mare). We played lots of made-up games and also some everyone played like Annie Over, London Bridge, Ring Around The Rosy, jump rope, marbles, tag and of course we had lots of indoor games for rainy or winter days. I almost forgot the game of Hoopy Hide. We also cooked a lot of beans, ‘taters and cornbread. I always enjoy our phone visits.

I just called Jeanie and Sarah Belle; both sounded good. Course like me, they ain’t teenagers anymore. Jeanie and I got talking about Mom’s stack cake and gingerbread. It made me hongry fer sum good ole-fashioned gingerbread. Jeanie said one of the ladies at church makes it as close to Mom’s as any she has eaten. She’s going to get me the recipe. Then I’ll really have to make a trip to Letcher County to get me some Lloyd Roe molasses from Menifee County. It’s the best I have been able to find.

Hello to Dottie Bentley, Louisville. I promise I will write soon as I can talk myself into getting off my duff and get busy. Also, I want to send hellos to Nettie Bentley and to Bonnie and Shelby, daughters of the late Nathan Isaac. Hope you girls are coping. I won’t say things will get better soon, sometimes it can take a long time. Just hang in there. Love you both.

‘Bout time for Catharine to stop by so I had better say goodnight.

Hello to Bobby Joe and Madonna Pass. Y’all have a good week, share a hug and a smile and you have a peaceful week. Love and prayers.

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