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Those that jump ship shouldn’t yell S.O.S.

To the Editor:

If the Democrats are really serious about reclaiming the White House and bringing about change, there should not be a problem over who is the nominee. When two formidable candidates and vying for the same prize, one wins; one loses. But, if pouting and tantrums replace level-headedness, millions become losers.

Do those who threaten mutiny and/or jumping ship if their candidate doesn’t emerge as the party’s choice want to contribute to four more years of mismanagement and blindsidedness that has gotten this nation embroiled in no-win situations wherever the Bush-Cheney robber barons lead or have led based on fabrications (created crises where none exist), prevarication (boldfaced lies to fit the policy), stonewalling (refusing to answer questions and/ or giving evasive replies), obfuscation (telling it like it isn’t instead of like it is) and “closed doors, drawn blinds and refusal to let the people and Congress know” – add to this toxic mix manipulation, alteration, and deregulation and the cauldron bubbles over.

If this is what these renegades want more of, let them mutiny and jump ship, but when the Ship of State begins to wallow, take on water and appear to be sinking, they need not yell “S.O.S.”. The life rafts have been outsourced to China and the lifeguards are in the unemployment lines.

With the choice of what they would have faced from the opposition – a guy the Religious Right didn’t trust, one nobody but the Religious Right trusted, a snarling New Yorker with more baggage than a luggage shop, and an old guy Real Republicans couldn’t stand, according to Donald Kaul, free-lance columnist and Washington correspondent, there was no way the Republicans could win.

What had been forgotten and/ or not given much consideration is the penchant of Democrats to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. They can engineer a train wreck long before the conductor has yelled “all aboard” and the train has left the station. That seems to be what they have done or are fast on the way of doing.

Not only have they set the stage for this, Hillary in an effort to bring down Obama, with Bill’s help, has continued to stock the larder of arguments for McCain’s general election pitch. The most damaging and outrageous example was when she stated that she and John McCain have the experience and credentials for handling international crises and Obama does not. She has already lost that debate before the general election should she struggle ahead and win.

So, if the Democrats do not resume their battle cry against four more years of George Bush policies through John McCain, the clone, mind their fences, settle their petty differences, and overhaul their overall, the convention in August will be a wake with “Happy Days Are Here Again” replaced by a dirge. They will have lived up to Will Rogers’s retort, “I don’t belong to a organized party. I’m a Democrat.”

Time is short, the task daunting but keeping on the same potshot filled path of being at each other’s throats will cause implosion. If they don’t seize their moment, the John McCainacs will more than gladly oblige.

JOE DRENNAN Moultrie, Ga.

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