Whitesburg KY
Mostly clear
Mostly clear

Though they only met twice, they were good friends

Hello, everyone. Hope you are all doing well. As for me, I’m battling the flu or something. I’ve spent most of my time since Tuesday of last week in bed. I don’t think I’ve ever been this sick in my life. I usually bounce right back. I can’t eat and I can’t hardly stay awake. I guess it just takes time.

I was saddened to hear my good friend, Margaret Gault Day, passed away. I’m so glad I got to visit her at St. Mary’s Hospital in Huntington, W.Va., on Christmas Day. My son, Astor “Red” Hatton, and I searched till we found her. I took her a gift and she was so happy to see us. She said that made her Christmas. I never could find out where they sent her when she left the hospital. She said they wanted to send her somewhere and she didn’t want to go.

She turned 94 on Dec. 22 and passed away one month later. I didn’t know about it till I read it in The Eagle. I don’t know who put it in.

She graduated from Whitesburg High School in 1932. Elsie Banks and Ferdinand Moore were in the class. She was one sweet lady. We got acquainted through The Eagle. I only met her twice, but I loved her and would love to hear from some of her family if they read The Eagle. She lived in Cereda, W.Va.

My sister, Louise Shepherd, spent the night in Whitesburg Hospital. She was having chest pains. She’s doing better. She will probably be out of the hospital by the time you read this.

Also, Mae Day of Cowan, is in the hospital. I hope she’s doing better.

I talked to my good friend, Tommie Baker. She sounded just like me, hoarse and coughing. I hope she’s feeling better.

I got a card from my friend, Ada (Miller) King and an obituary of her sister-in-law, Barbara (King) Thomas. She passed away after a long bout with cancer. She was married to the son of the late Mattie (Hatton) Thomas and Jack Thomas, who used to live at Whitco. I knew Barbara when she was a little girl. Her nickname was “Wimpy.” Her parents were the late Luther and Ossie Lee King. They were once neighbors of ours.

Ada (Miller) King and her husband, Arthur, live in Miamisburg, Ohio. We’ve been friends since our school days at Marlowe.

I talked with Roberta Willie. They are doing well and trying not to get the flu.

I don’t have much news this week. I’ve been too sick to get out.

I did have a good dinner at The Courthouse Cafe last week with my sons Rob and Billy and Sandra, Angie Mullins and her two children, Sam and Ellie, Jamie and Julie Hatton and their baby Annie and Julie’s sister Abby Adams and Joseph Hatton. It was to celebrate Sandra’s birthday. We enjoyed it even though I was starting with the flu.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week.

Our sympathy goes out to all who have lost loved ones.

This news from the Ermine Senior Citizens Center:

“At the Ermine Center, we are really doing well. We have 50 or more people every day. Everyone gets along so well together, and we have wonderful workers who are so good to us.

“Wanda and Alfred Webb have joined our center. We are happy to have them.

“We will have a potluck Feb. 14 and a Valentine’s Day party. If you are 60 years old or more, you are welcome.

“AARP is sponsoring a trip to Frankfort to lobby for money for senior citizens. We are going Feb. 12. Tootsie Seals will be taking us on his bus.

“Colene Hart is leaving for a 16-day cruise to Hawaii. Hope she has a good time with her sister, Margie.”

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