Whitesburg KY

Three charged with sexual abuse

Two Letcher County men and a woman are named in indictments by the Letcher County Grand Jury in connection with sexual abuse of minors.

Carroll Paul Jackson, 29, of 60 Candle Drive, Deane, is charged by the grand jury with two counts of subjecting a girl less than 12 years old to sexual contact on March 11, 2008.

Susan Jackson, 27, also of 60 Candle Drive, Deane, is accused of two counts of complicity to sexual abuse of a minor on March 11, 2008..

In a second indictment, Susan Jackson is also accused of tampering with a witness. The grand jury says she attempted to persuade a seven-year-old child to withhold her testimony or falsely testify that the incidents involving Carroll Paul Jackson did not occur.

Kentucky State Police Detective Vickie Eversole testified before the grand jury in the case.

In a separate case, Ralph Fields, 48, of 16 Ball Yard Hollow, Letcher, is charged with three counts of sexual abuse of a girl less than 12 years old. The grand jury says the incidents with which he is charged occurred between October 2007 and March 2008.

Kentucky State Police Detective Randy Combs testified in the case.

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