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Three honored at retirement dinner party


Saturday at the Kingscreek Fire Department there was a retirement dinner party given for Russell Akers, Larry Roark, and Bill Wilson. Jerry Sturgill gave a speech on what retired people should do. I remember well all about keeping hold of the remote control.

These three guys retired and Leon Vanover gave a short speech about working with them for 20 to 25 years and said the rest of the crew would really miss them. That must mean that those three are getting or will be getting new recliners and remotes and best of all, dishpan hands.

Russell’s daughter, Leverna, and others had a huge dinner for the guys. Several attended. Kevin Ison and Larry Ison even made it along with Bill Meade and son Quincy. Cody Holland and Wendy Ison were first in line for the food. They ate and ran.

Kingscreek Community Church was really blessed this week. There was such a crowd that they had to open the doors to the Sunday school rooms for people to sit. I’m such a blessed mother. It is always a blessing to hear my child, Danny Fred Ison, preaching and singing as it is to hear my child, Wendy, singing for God. I must have done something right two times in my life. Anyone who wasn’t there really missed a blessed sermon from Pastor Jimmy Dotson.

After church service, Easter baskets were given to all the children.

The Youth Group will be starting up this week. Danny Fred and Lacey Ison will be having youth puppet ministries. All children are invited. It doesn’t matter if you attend church there or not. All are welcome. For more information, you can contact Jimmy and Nicole Dotson or Danny Fred and Lacey Ison.

Pauline Roark is usually always there for any holiday and for Easter. I missed you in church Sunday. Delma Roark wasn’t there either.

Fred Ison is some better as far as talking. He is still really bad. We just ask you to keep praying for him.

Alan and Donna Walker attended the retirement dinner at the Kingscreek Fire Department. They own Walker Concrete Co., located at Little Dry Fork. If anyone needs concrete, you can call Alan Walker at 633-9996. I’m sure he and his crew will help you out.

Well, I must have been bad again. The Easter bunny passed my house up. I thought sure he would leave me some chocolate Hershey’s kisses or at least one big fat one.

I noticed that the trees in town were all blooming. All the barrels up and down the streets had blooming pansies in them. It is always really pretty this time of year. Mayor James W. Craft has done quite a good job, he and all the city workers. Great job.

I want to make a correction. Last week I had put Roger Noble Jr. is getting married April 5. But it is Richard Noble getting married April 5. Sorry for the mess up, but that’s what I do best – always mess up.

David and Missy Boggs’s children all have birthdays very close together. As you read in my column a couple of weeks ago, I wished Missy a happy birthday on March 15. Afterward I found out Caitlan, the youngest, turned 13 on March 1 and Maegan Boggs, their oldest daughter, turned 22 on the 18th. Carlie Childers, their middle daughter, will turn “sweet 16” on April 14, David Carlton, their oldest son, will turn 25 one week later on April 21. Jordan Douglas Childers, their youngest son, will be 18 on May 5. Caitlan also shares her birthday with her new sister-in-law, Katie, who turned 23 on March 1. David and Katie were married Nov. 17 (10 days after David and Mis’s 13th wedding anniversary). They were married in Miami on the beach. David and Missy are the proud “new” grandparents of Collin, age 2, and Emma, age 5.

David Carlton is a chef and Katie is an RN and they reside in Lexington. They spent Katie’s birthday in Las Vegas and also attended the NASCAR race there. He called his baby sister from Vegas to tell her “Happy birthday!”

I’ve never seen parents any more crazy over their children, or children any more crazy about their parents! They are so close! They talk about everything together; it’s a real hoot when they are all together.

I want to wish Linda Collins a belated happy birthday that was March 17. Gary Collins’s birthday was March 19.

Don Brown and son-in-law Doyle Wright of Dry Fork went to Michigan last week. A friend of Don’s had passed away and his wife gave Don two buffaloes. They fenced a place at the back of Don and Charlotte Brown’s house and turned them loose. They can be seen from the road if you look real hard. They look like two black specks on the hill.

Wendy Ison stayed at her Papaw Fred’s all weekend. He is still real sick and is trying to sit up some. He had a few visitors this week. Billy and Brandy Wilson of Craft’s Colly visited Saturday for awhile.

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