Whitesburg KY

Thula Ison of Blackey is hospitalized

Big Cowan

Hello everyone. I hope all had a good week.

I wanted to say hello to Creda Isaacs and Oma Hatton. They are also correspondents of the Mountain Eagle and seem to be real nice ladies.

I met Bobby Howard the other day when he was campaigning. He is real nice also. I still don’t know a lot of people yet who are in politics. Those I have met seem to be nice, and seem to care about their area. I wish all of them luck, and whoever gets into any office, that they will do the best they can. If we citizens don’t vote, then we have no right to complain.

I wanted to wish Tommy Tolliver a late happy birth-day. He celebrated Oct. 19. I hope he had a good one, and I hear that his health is much better.

Thula Ison of Blackey was in Whitesburg ARH, and they transferred her to a University Hospital in Cincinnati, Oh. She has been in a lot of pain, and needs our prayers and en-couragement. She is a real sweet lady, and loves the Lord.

My first cousin, Jimmy Amburgey of Gilford, Ind., had a massive heart attack and died. His funeral will be on Oct. 28. Our sympathy goes out to all of his family. He was the son of the late Lonnie and Cleve Ambur-gey, and was married and had two or three children. I hadn’t seen him in years. He is survived by several brothers and sisters, I think.

Priscilla Fields, the wife of my cousin, Gid Fields of Naab, Ind., has had some serious health problems. She is doing better and went back to work.

Charles Hammonds of North Vernon, Ind., opted not to have surgery on his arm at this time, because the risks are greater for get-ting something worse. He and Audrey wanted to say hello to their friend, John Combs of Sandlick, and asked that we keep him in our prayers. He has some health issues.

Bill and Agnes Maggard of Columbus, Ind., still have some health issues. Remember them, also.

Eddie Wolfe is out of the hospital and doing some better.

Ann Collier had some problems after having a flu shot. She is doing some better, but her son, Jimmy Eastridge, had some major health problems. Remember both of them in your prayers.

I love the beautiful weather we’d been having. A little cool some mornings, and the trees are just beautiful.

I am starting to get hun-gry for a big Thanksgiving meal. I am trying to get my family to all have a big pitch-in dinner before Thanksgiving as I might be gone to Indiana that weekend. I am looking forward to turkey, dressing, ham, chicken and dumplings, shucky beans, potato salad, stack cake, banana pudding, cornbread, rolls and anything else we can throw together.

Our family hasn’t all gotten together in a long time, and I would like to go back to the tradition that we had before our parents passed away. We might have to borrow some tables and chairs. It sounds like fun to me, if I can get all of them together.

Hello to Peggy Caudill in Kansas. She is the daughter of Pat and Bill King, and she receives the Mountain Eagle. I hope she is enjoy-ing this nice weather.

I had a good visit the other day with Letha Ann Fields Dollarhyde. It’s al-ways good talking and telling stories with her.

Well, I’ve got to go. At-tend the church of your choice, and look out for the little ghosts and goblins this week. Be careful driv-ing, because with all the excitement, kids tend to run out in traffic.

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