Whitesburg KY

Time changes everything

As we make our way through life, we may look back through the ages and see things by a different perspective than we did then. Time changes everything, including the way we used to observe things around us.

Even people may not seem now as they did then, and many of our longago friends are now gone. Many family members are also gone.

As a youngster, things always seem larger or more dramatic than they do as an adult, or maybe as a child we see things as interesting or as exciting whereas we take things for granted as adults. For example, the place or places where we grew up may not seem at all as they did back then.

I drove by the place where I was born not long ago, and thought of how it once was. The area doesn’t seem near as large as it did as a child, and where we used to raise our garden has been reclaimed by nature.

Where there were rows of corn, which seemed to be half a mile long, doesn’t seem to be very large at all now. The house where my siblings and I were born has been gone many years now because the road took it when the road was moved up out of the creek.

But the mile or so we used to walk to school seems as far as it ever did. The school buildings are gone too. One was a oneroom school, which I enjoyed the most because we were like one big family. Maybe a county tries to save money when it consolidates schools, but by doing so we have far less interaction in the schools among parents, teachers and students.

The Postal Service is doing the same thing to try to save money. I doubt the service will be any better than it is right now, but I guarantee it will be higher.

I realize we need to progress with the times, but progress is going to kill us all.

That’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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