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Partly sunny
Partly sunny

Time for grandchildren to go home

Another week has gone by. It seems like time just flies. Here it is the end of July already. Where has time gone?

My granddaughter, Rebecca, and her friend, Lexi, will be leaving at the end of the week. It has been fun having them. I hate to see them go, but I will be glad to get my house back. Maybe I will get it cleaned up before winter.

I have had my grandkids separately all summer. They have been swimming, going to the library several times, walking, etc. They like to come and visit, it is so much quieter here and laid back.

I want to wish Pastor Johnny Collier a happy 63rd birthday on Aug. 3. I hope you enjoy it and get a steak dinner.

My Aunt Irene Day will be 82 on Aug. 6. We also wish her a happy birthday and good health.

My sister, Kathy Wolfe, will be 57 on Aug. 12. She shares a birthday with Pam Taylor. I hope both of you have good ones.

Sierra Dollarhyde has a birthday on Aug. 15, Roger Eldridge on Aug. 24, and my son, Mike, on Aug. 26. He will be 39. I hope each of you has a good one.

A late happy birthday to Wayne Turner and Frances Day, who had birthdays in July, Charles Day on July 31, and Autumn Renee Hensley, age 2, on July 31.

I saw her at church a couple of weeks ago with her brother, David, Grandma Rosa and Grandpa Bobby Bates and her uncle, Bobby Jr. She is so adorable, and so sweet. She has really grown since I last saw her.

I had a good mess of sixweeks beans last week, and I really enjoyed them with potatoes, fresh tomato and fresh cucumbers and cornbread, topped off with a tall glass of buttermilk. Yum!

Prayer list this week : Odessa and Reuben Lewis; Irene and Eugene Day; Mary Lou Fields; Agnes and Bill Maggard; Audrey and Charles Hammonds; Sylvania Whitaker; Thula Ison and Lonnie; Grace Cornett; Nancy Wilson; Virginia Ann and Burdeen Gilley; Hazel, Earl and Mike Rayburn; Glen Ratliff ; Delmar Fields; Roger Fields; our lost children and grandchildren; the homeless and shut-ins; all of our churches; Georgette and Harry Simms; Terry Church; Ann and Johnny Collier; Ashley and John Collier; and Lisa Slevidge.

So many people have been sick with not being able to breath and bronchitis with it being so hot. I am ready for snow!

Praise the Lord, my son, Chad, got called back to Cummins this week. I am really happy for him. Also, he should get his back pay on his unemployment.

So many people are out of work. Let’s pray for all of them who have been out of work (not by choice), who have been laid off from work or fired.

Well folks, that’s all I can think of to write this week. Pray for me and I’ll pray for you. May God bless!

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