Whitesburg KY

Time for morning chores

Another beautiful day is dawning here on the farm. I always look forward to the sunrises but feel a little sad when I see the sun go down because I always wonder if the Lord will bless me to see it rise again. I always give Him thanks for each day I receive knowing I don’t deserve it. But still I am thankful for each day realizing I fall short of what is expected of me.

I don’t often forget to say “thank you, Lord” for the many blessings He bestows upon me each and every day, things I have taken for granted too many times. I should have been gone long ago, but the Lord has seen fit to keep me here to do His bidding. While complying with His will, why don’t we take a journey back through the ages.

But first we have our morning chores to do now that we have had our breakfast. First we have to milk the cows and strain the milk and put it in a cool place to let the cream rise to the top to be skimmed off to make butter with. We gave the old cow some feed to munch on while we milked, mostly just to get her to stand still long enough to allow us to milk her then we turn her out to graze in the pasture to get water and nutrients which we could not give her.

Next we slop the hogs in the pen, our winter’s supply of meat you know. We always see to it that all the critters get plenty of water all the time. In reality a hog will eat almost anything that doesn’t eat it first.

Next we feed and water the chickens which are kept in a fenced lot. If we are lucky we may get a dozen or so eggs this evening. There is something about a farm produced fresh egg which is far above store bought eggs in taste. By keeping the chickens fenced in we eliminate the necessity of having to hunt the eggs because they lay in nests we have constructed in the chicken house. This also makes it hard for foxes, weasels, possums, coyotes, hawks and owls to have a chicken dinner whenever they please.

We got the garden out and weeds are under control and old Barney is out in the pasture enjoying himself until he is needed again. Sometimes he wanders back to the barn about dark and sometimes he doesn’t.

Sometimes we have to go remind the old cow that it is milking time when evening comes. But she is usually not very far away. She also knows that if we don’t get any milk she doesn’t get her snack.

Old Shep just tags along with us and watches for snakes. He is kind of lazy but will muster enough energy once in awhile to chase his tail round and around.

The garden is pretty and green and really looks good. Ought to have plenty of potatoes because they came up good with not many missing. We raise most of what we eat but still have to fetch a few things from the store to survive.

Well, we better be getting on back to the house and see how many eggs we can find because it will be lunch time soon. Home-cooked meals are the best and healthiest there is because they don’t have all those fancy additions and preservatives.

Well, that’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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