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Time for Mr. Ho-Ho to pay a visit again


It is about time for Mr. Ho- Ho to visit us again. I imagine the children are all keyed up. I remember well how I felt as a child and at Christmas time today I still look forward to it.

We were sorry to hear of Colene Brashears dying. She was the wife of Ray Brashears. She was laid to rest in the Brashears’s graveyard on Kingdom Come. The family has our deepest sympathy.

I know the sadness it brings when one passes close to Christmas, but the Lord takes us at His will. We do not pick our time to go. I lost a dear brother one time on Christmas Eve and it is so sad. We are born to die when our time comes. Just trust the Lord. He knows all things.

B.F. Caudill is not doing any good at all, Mattie Vern, his sister, tells us. I pray if it is the good Lord’s will, he will be lifted up again. Our lives are all in the Lord’s hands.

The pretty Christmas cards are beginning to arrive. We are so thankful for each one we get. Someone cares enough to send a card. What we need very much is love for one another.

The children are expecting a big gift. When I was growing up, it was a gift that might have cost 25 cents. What we get the chil- dren now, they would just look at it and toss it aside. We were always fortunate at Christmas. I am 87 years old but have never missed a Christmas that I didn’t receive something. Now I am thankful just to be still living.

We always drew names at school and bought gifts. If some could not buy one, there was always some pie supper money left over and the teacher saw no child was left out. We would get a little brown bag of grocery mixed candy. Sometimes the Pippa Passes school would send all gifts. The teacher would send the names in and age, sex, so no one was left out.

I do not have much news, just wanted to wish everyone the merriest, best Christmas ever and pray the Lord will bless us in the upcoming new year.

So in the words of Santa Claus, merry Christmas to all and to all good night and God bless us all.

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