Whitesburg KY

Time for scary creatures

Boo! Yep, it’s time for ghosts, goblins, witches and other unreal creatures to be out and about. Keep a watchful eye out and be very careful to watch your back and all around. Happy Halloween to all little ones (big ones also). I hope you get lots of goodies but most of all I hope you stay safe.

We’re still having lots of rain, had flood warnings out and unless I wasn’t seeing too well, I saw a bit of snow mixed with rain. Ain’t too warm here at all.

Red and I are both still moseying around. I don’t believe either of us could enjoy a game of hopscotch or tag but we could sure turtle. He has had some really bad days and I must admit, some of my days could be better.

My dear friends, Gaynell (Joyce) Adkins, Clara Pfister and Nellie Banks all called this week and I just love talking with each and every one of them.

Clara from Clarkston, Mich., said she was doing well, and Nellie from Bloomington, Ind., had been a mite under the weather but was doing some better. I do declare that woman is something else. She will be 95 come March but sounds like a much younger person.

Gaynell from Columbus, Ind., has been a dear friend for many years. She and her husband, Doug, are well and busy. They had company from ‘down home’, her daughter Jennifer and husband Gerald, also her son Donny and sisters Belvia, Alice and Lavada. I’m sure they really had a great visit.

I would like to send belated birthday greetings to Gaynell’s brother, Gary Don, who was 59 on Oct. 13, and to her granddaughter, Jessica, on Oct. 14.

I also want to say hello to her grandson Steven and his wife, and to wish them well and hope their recent move to Kansas is all you hope it will be. It’s never easy to relocate. Northeast Ohio

Jeanie called and everything seems to be hunky dory with her and all her family. I talked to Georgia this morning, and she seems to be doing much better, finally.

Catharine went for her Remicade treatment recently and had a bad reaction, which caused her to have to end up in the E.R. No more Remicade for her. I don’t know how she will get the medication she needs. Last Friday she had to go to hospital for more blood. They gave her two bags. I do worry about her.

Valerie should be home from rehab come Saturday. I really hope she does well and can get around better.

I was just thinking back to when we came to Lorain. We had absolutely no idea where Lorain was. We got here on my birthday, April 16. We left Letcher County in warm sunshine and what a surprise when we got here, it was so cold and windy and snow. Needless to say we were not prepared for such. I only had some light spring suits and summer clothes. We got a sleeping room but eventually rented a house near where we live now. At that time the address was Elyria, but was eventually annexed to Lorain. It is now Sheffield Township but has a Lorain address. There were no paved streets in the neighborhood and no bathrooms

One house we rented was very small, so small in fact that if one wanted to turn around you would have to go outside to do so. One might say we had four rooms and a path. The next house was much bigger, and we almost had to make a map to find our way. We bought this home in 1961, and we have three bedrooms, bath, utility room, living room, kitchen and a half basement. Know something? Right now I would almost settle for a much smaller house, but no path thank you.

I have dried apples ready for a pie I will bake Saturday. In fact, I plan to do most of my cooking Saturday and make enough for several days, food that can be heated when needed.

Red has talked with Charles, Jean and his niece Carleta. All seem to be doing very well, and it does him good to hear from his family.

Catharine just called and she’s on her way so I must get this finished pronto. So until next time, ya’ll have a blessed week, stay warm, be well and watch out for the little ones while they are going hither and yon trickor treating.

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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