Whitesburg KY

Time gets away from us


Hello everyone. I can’t believe it’s time for our visit again. I hope all of you are doing well.

How about this weather? But it is March and we can enjoy it and hope it doesn’t turn bad on us.

I enjoyed a call from my friend, Anna Watkins in Florida. She wants to say hello to her niece, Margaret Caudill at Premium. Anna was talking about her daughter Paula’s grandchildren. I had to laugh. I still see Paula as a beautiful little girl with black, curly hair and pretty blue eyes, and not even in school.

Time sure gets away from us fast.

I saw Bertha Mae (Halcomb) Sexton recently, and she said her husband Ken is having a lot of pain with shingles. I’ve heard that is really painful.

She said her mother Ida Halcomb and her aunt Docie York were having health problems. I hope they get better soon. They are all my neighbors.

I really enjoyed hearing from Loretta Adams of Pert Creek. She said her brother Billy Joe Hall and wife Fern (Fulton) Hall’s son, J.B. Hall and wife Cindy, who live near Covington, had some tornado damage. It took their beautiful house off of its foundation and took their barn and garage out. It also destroyed 14 acres of trees and their little hunting cabin.

She also said her son, Gary Neal Adams, had hip surgery in Pikeville and was doing some better.

She also said that Kevin Day was her favorite announcer — but don’t tell Kevin. He’s my favorite too, but I won’t tell him.

My son Larry Hatton enjoyed talking to an old Marlowe friend, Bill King. They talked about the old days when they played on the old slate dump and the old Dinky train that hauled the coal to the tipple.

They talked about all of their old school friends. All you Marlowe people will remember the Willie King family, Betty, Pauline, Mandy, Linda, Earl and Bill. They all live around here.

Earl and his son live just up the road from me. I hardly ever see any of them. Also, their sister Pauline (King) Bates, lives down the road from me, and her daughter, Kathy Mullins, is manager of our Sav-a-Lot store and doing a great job. All of her employees are our neighbors, and we know them all and feel at home there.

Does it sound like I love living here? I sure do. I have never wanted to leave. I just found me a man who loved it here also.

I can see from where I live now to the place where I had lived since I was 11 years old. Is it really 70 years ago? Time flies.

I’ve know I’ve rattled on a lot, and I hope I haven’t bored you to death.

I went to the funeral of Dale Morris on Friday. I think that was the biggest crowd I have ever seen there. He was loved by all who knew him. Our sympathy goes out to his wife Angie and all their family. The preachers all did good and the singing was beautiful. I’m glad the weather stayed good.

My son Astor and his wife were to come in for a visit last Sunday. I’m always so glad when my family or friends come to visit. People don’t do that much any more. They call you on the phone, and that’s the next best thing.

May God bless all of you, and try to go to church somewhere this week.

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