Whitesburg KY

Time has taken its toll

I hope everyone is thawed out by now. It sure was a bit cold there for awhile, but is nice now even with all the mud from the thaw.

I am not a winter-oriented person anymore, so I’ll take the rain and mud anytime.

I get to feeling rather useless sometimes when it comes a big snow. I am no longer able to do any manual labor, and when it snows all I can do is look out my window and watch it pile up when I used to get out and at least get it off of my driveway.

But time has taken its toll on this old man. I can very well remember a time when we had bad winters on a regular basis, and even colder than it was this time.

Maybe all the cold will eliminate some of the pesky insects we put up with during the summer. I didn’t observe as many yellowjackets this past summer as I usually do, or ladybugs, either. The wasps sure made up for the yellowjackets we missed out on. But I can’t complain because I only get stung one time this past summer, by a wasp.

My family took care of the John Hampton Cemetery behind the Letcher School for a number of years, and one summer we found 15 yellowjacket nests. When we found one we would toss a flower close to the entrance and give it a wide berth as we continued with the mowing. After darkness replaced daylight, I would make my pilgrimage to the cemetery and take care of the invaders.

We would finish the mowing the following day where we left off because of the yellowjackets, about a 10 or 12 feet square, depending on how riled up the critters had been. About a half-cup of gasoline really took care of them. I would pour it into the entrance hole, cover it and walk away. I would guess that in two hours they were all dead.

While it was necessary, I was afraid someone would come up with the idea that I was grave robbing because I made so many trips to the cemetery during darkness. Many people won’t even go near a cemetery after dark, but in all honesty, a cemetery is the safest place to be during the night hours. Dead people won’t hurt you, it’s those live ones you have to watch out for.

Well, that’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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