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Time is passing more quickly

Howdy everyone. I do believe the weeks are getting shorter and shorter. It seems there are never enough days to get done what needs doing.

This week was an especially busy one for me. I was trying to get everything ready for company and our picnic. I cooked dried apples for pies and peeled and cooked apples for a stack cake. That wasn’t too bad with some help from Red.

I had to go shopping, and as usual forgot a few items, so I had to take another trip to the grocery store.

I was cooking soup beans, green beans, mashed potatoes, baked ham, broccoli casserole, mustard greens, Jell-O, Cool Whip salad for dessert. I also was having coleslaw, chicken, onions, tomatoes and cornbread.

I probably won’t have many sleeping here, as most have reserved motel rooms. We expect some of the Engle family this year, though they haven’t been to one of our picnics in several years. It will be good to have them here.

Before I forget, I have some August birthday greetings to send. I should have done so at least a week ago, but as usual, I’m living up to my name, ‘Late Again Lou.’

Happy birthday to Ava Blair and Wanda Norwood, Aug. 1; Melissa (Sergent) Taylor, Aug. 5; Colleen Craft and Bobby Joe Pass, Aug. 7; Red Engle, Anna Lea Goins and Ovene Hamilton, Aug. 10; Ricky Sergent, Aug. 11; Marcia Hall, Aug. 14; Lydia August Marie Aley, Aug. 19; Darla Rea, Aug. 21; Sarah Belle Sergent, Aug. 24; Misheal Segovia, Aug. 25; and I can’t forget Janice Jordan, Aug. 2; and a belated happy birthday to Sidney Hull who celebrated on July 26.

I hope all who celebrate in this month will have a wonderful day and wishing you many more.

Anniversary congratulations to Don and Ava Blair, Aug. 17; Bobby Joe and Madonna Pass, Aug. 28; Phillip and Terri Shortt, Aug. 29; and Billy and Debbie Resor, sometime this month. Wishing all a long and loving life, and be happy.

I talked to Georgia, and she’s feeling pretty well after surgery on her sinus problems. I sure hope she won’t have any more trouble.

Our dear friend Joyce (Gaynell) Adkins also has surgery, and once she recovers from this, is scheduled for another surgery.

I’m tuckered out. I had myself a busy, busy day, fixed and cooked a big pot of green beans, got a pie crust ready to bake for dried apple pies in the morning, and baked my stack cake. It doesn’t really sound like a lot of work, but when ‘Old Pokey’ does it, it takes a lot of time.

Dale, Red says thanks for the birthday card and for wanting to give him his 82nd to live again. He doesn’t want you to feel bad, but he said he would decline, as he doesn’t want to live the past over. It wasn’t a very good year.

Prayers and get well wishes to Owen Amburgey, who is in pretty serious condition, and love and prayers to his wife Emma (Adams). It is never easy for a wife to watch her husband when he is so sick and there’s nothing one can do except love and pray for him.

I know that from experience as Red went through two really rough years and has never gotten back to normal. He still has a lot of problems.

It’s been a hot, humid day here today, but the forecast for our Sunday picnic is just about perfect, 85 degrees, but there is always a light breeze at the park.

I’m going to call it quits for now. My body is tired and I’m not sure what my mind is. Probably taking a break.

See you next week, same time, same place, in the meantime stay well, stay cool and be kind to yourself and to others. Love and prayers.

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@ yahoo.com.

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