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Time makes a change

Time makes a change, and takes its toll on all of us. But sometimes we can relive times gone by, if only in our mind. And maybe sometimes we dwell too much on the past as if we didn’t keep up with a changing world.

Some of the changes I have seen during the past 67 years I manage to cope with, even if I am not particularly fond of them.

But then again, some of the changes I have seen are downright idiotic to say the least. But as we all know, no two people are alike in personality, but we are all created equal regardless of race, creed or religious beliefs.

Religious beliefs are inspired by man, not God, because His plan of salvation is plain enough for anyone to adhere to.

Whatever happened to the time when people filled six days of their week with hard and honest work, and had the seventh day set aside to go to ‘meeting,’ as they called it?

They would walk a long way just to get to the church or the ‘meeting house.’ You could hear them going down or up the road long before it got light enough to see them, but a body could hear their footsteps and hear them talking in muffled tones.

If they didn’t take the night somewhere, you could hear those same, muffled sounds come nightfall as they made their way home.

Nowadays you rarely see anyone walking, much less walk to church. I doubt there would be very much shoe leather used if gas was $10 a gallon.

And there are certainly not many invitations extended for anyone to stay all night. Many years ago people took it as an insult if one turned down an invitation to set a spell and eat a bite with them.

But like many other things, those invites are a thing of the past. Remember back when there was not need to bolt the doors when you went to bed at night because people were honest for the most part?

About the worst thing happening was when an occasional chicken thief struck. And since everybody knew everybody in the community, it usually wasn’t very hard to figure out who the thief was.

Even back then we had our town drunks, and even they didn’t resort to stealing. They worked the money out and then proceeded to get soused until the money ran out. Then they would sober up until they could work, and do it all over again.

I was working for civil service while in California, and a man on the street hit me up for 50 cents to get himself a cup of coffee and a burger. I told him that I wouldn’t give him any money, but would buy him a burger and a cup of coffee, which I did.

As he ate, we talked, and I learned he was addicted to slot machines. He received a small pension check each month, and as soon as he got it he hitchhiked to Vegas and didn’t leave until his money was all gone. He would hitchhike back home and panhandle until he got his next check.

He didn’t use profanity, smoke or drink, and yet he was an addict. His clothes were well worn, but clean. The way he walked, I wouldn’t doubt but what he had holes in the soles of his shoes.

People can become addicted to many things, even caffeine and nicotine, which is seldom ever mentioned, but nevertheless they are addictive. But what is killing our people, both young and old, is drug addition and alcohol.

The fellow I mentioned looked to be about 50 years of age, and if he had any family he didn’t mention them, and I didn’t ask. But instead of one burger, I bought him two, to keep him talking.

And that’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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