Whitesburg KY

Time seems to be on a fast track

I just can’t believe another week has come and gone. Time seems to be on a fast track. It’s not been too bad here today, rather cool but no rain or snow and no heavy coats.

I hope this finds everyone well and getting ready for that special dinner which is getting closer day by day. I still don’t have any plans for our dinner, we will just have whatever we have a taste for. Enjoy the day with family and friends and try not to overeat.

I talked to Georgia this morning. Our friend Mary Lore is now a patient in Hospice. She is not doing well at all. We have known Mary and her family for many years. Such a beautiful family. The children are Diane, Roger and Ricky. My heart aches for them. Northeast Ohio

Our dear friends, Jay and Beulah Sammons, called last night, and it was so good to hear from them. Sorry to hear Beulah hasn’t been feeling well lately. We really miss them since we haven’t been able to go to church.

I also talked to our ‘adopted daughter’ Liz, who has spent some time in the hospital, but is home now and really sounded really good and is planning to cook a Thanksgiving dinner for her family. I hope she has all showing up.

I just finished doing laundry. I usually get it done earlier in the week, but have had a busy few days. Grocery shopping, by the time I do that bring home and put away I’m plumb exhausted for some unknown reason.

Red had a really bad day recently, and I thought I was going to have to call an ambulance. He seems to be somewhat better today.

I just talked to Bill, and he and Redia had picked up a load of work clothes this morning and he was sorting them. It ain’t no easy job as you have to check for tears and seam rips, check zippers on pants and make sure everything is unstained. They are laundered and sanitized before he gets them.

The company he buys from counts shirts and pants separately and Bill pays for each piece. Sometimes he has to rag quite a few. Good shirts are folded and put on shelf and the inseams of pants are measured, and they are folded and shelved.

Not an easy job but I guess any kind of business requires a lot of work. I just wish I was able to help.

Georgia had an early doctor’s appointment in Cleveland at the Cleveland Clinic, and from there had to stop in Elyria on her way home to see a doctor there. Hopefully I will hear from her before Catharine shows up tonight.

I just called Jeanie, she and Phil had doctor’s appointments today. Everything was okay and Christy is well. I want to say “Howdy” to all my family, Chester and Jettie, Henry Warren, Anna Lea and Ronald Buford and Johnell. Wishing all a happy Thanksgiving and hope all are well, and sending my love your way.

Valerie saw her family doctor yesterday. They had to change some of her medication as it reacted with some other she was taking. I really don’t know all that is going on with her.

I had my daily nap and slept longer than planned. I was supposed to give a Red a haircut as I have been Red’s personal barber for several years. I have really gotten pretty good after lots of practice and several misssnips along the way. Do you think maybe I should send him an overdue bill?

Hello to Greta Joseph and Dottie Bentley, both of Louisville area; Emilie Schmidt of Shepherdsville; Buddy and Doris King of Iowa; Glenora Eldridge of Indiana; Gladys Smith of North Carolina; Bill and Fay Swims of Michigan, and anyone else who may be reading this.

I had planned to get some letters in the mail but alas, a beckoning bed won out. Sorry!

I just heard the weather report, and we could get a dusting of snow here but other cities could get a lot more. Brrrr! It is so cold outside, I think I’ll really plan to stay in.

Until next week, same time, same place, good Lord willing. Have a blessed day, and a night with peace and sweet dreams. Health and happiness to all.

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@hyahoo.com.

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