Whitesburg KY

Time to dig out long johns

Southern Ohio

Hello again!

It seems we have bypassed most of summer and slipped from fall into almost winter. I have heard we are in for another rough winter again.

So it is time to dig out the long johns, batten down the hatches, and get your wood in if you have a fireplace. I will be getting a furnace installed before long as I didn’t need it this summer, though actually it might have felt good a couple of times.

Sometimes I long to go back to the simpler times of life, then I think what a rough time I had for a few years struggling by myself Too stubborn to ask my children for help, I put my wood and coal in a wheelbarrow and pushed it through my yard to put in my basement. When the snow was too deep, I carried a few huge blocks of coal in a five-gallon bucket.

I have a Sears wood and coal furnace in my basement to this day.

I am not able anymore to carry wood or coal or take ashes out, or I would have someone put in new pipes and I would use it.

I’ve been asked don’t my children help me, but I am a private person, so even my children don’t know if I have a dollar or not, and as long as have control of my mental ca- pacity, that is the way it will be.

Sunday was Old Time Fiddlers and our crowd was small, but the music was good and the food was plentiful. Someone brought beans and cornbread and fried potatoes, and I swear you would have thought no one had ever eaten beans and cornbread before.

I grew up on that and it sure doesn’t thrill me that much anymore. My stomach doesn’t take to it very good.

Oh no I am not getting above my raising! I love milk and bread, but when I eat it I am sick for a day or so, as it burns my stomach so bad.

I was so surprised and pleased to see Doyle and Betty Ison. Betty looked so beautiful in a deep turquoise top. The color was really becoming on her. Betty brought a lemon dessert, and it was scrumptiously delicious. Oh well, there goes the diet. It is always a pleasure being around these two.

Les and Pat Wagner are still recuperating after their last trip to the mountains. When they go there they do too much .

Larry Hasty is still having lots of trouble pertaining to his hip replacement. Please keep this family in your prayers. Becky and Polly have to be about worn out as they take such good care of Larry.

Letcher County Day is just around the corner, so I hope to see several once again. I sure hope it is a warm day. We have been very lucky each year with the weather.

Hello James and John Ison, and to all your family.

I am really looking forward to Blackey Day. You would think I grew up there as much as I love going there.

I fully intended to be in the mountains for the square dance at Carcassonne, but for health reasons I thought it best not to try it. I’ve been so exhausted lately, all I want to do is sleep.

Richard Caudill’s sister Marcia hosted a party for about 50 people. Ricky went on a treasure hunt to gather wildflowers for the table decoration on his four-wheeler. Ricky posted pictures, and to say they were beautiful doesn’t describe the lovely floral arrangements.

Dinner was catered, and afterward everyone went to the square dance that I wanted to go to so badly.

Had I gone to the mountains I intended to slip a ride on that four-wheeler to see the mountains, as long as a bear wasn’t around. It is no secret I don’t like spiders, snakes, or bears!

I never hear anything from Jon Caudill, of Caudill’s Construction. I assume everyone is keeping Jon busy. I hope to see you and 7 South at Blackey Days, along with all my favorite bands.

Libby Day Smith, I hope your mom and you are feeling better.

My heart has been so heavy as the time of Richie’s death rolled around. It doesn’t seem possible two years have passed.

Gwen Huff Farmer has been gone one year. My heart is with the Farmer clan.

Jack Adams, you are making such a nice looking young man. You and your dad are in my thoughts. I miss Bev very much.

Johnny and Ann Calihan, I hope you are doing alright. I will see you in a week or so I hope.

Please mark your calendar for Letcher County Day, Sept. 27 at the Harrison Community Center, 300 George St., Harrison, Oh. 45030, from 12-? Please bring a covered dish and a beverage. It will be at the shelter behind the community center. For more information, contact me. Everyone is welcome, and you don’t have to be from Letcher County.

As usual I am running late.

Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Oh 45030, email: Bluegrasmama4@aol.com, telephone: 513-367-4682.

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