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Time to do some wondering

It’s time to do some wondering.

I wonder how many people took a moment as they saw the dawning of a new day to thank God for it. I wonder if they remembered to give thanks for the many blessings they receive, and did they thank Him for their health, family and friends.

I wonder how many innocent little children went to bed hungry – if they even had a bed. I wonder how many parents spent a sleepless night wondering where their children were. I wonder how many children spent the night hungry, terrified and alone, just wandering from room to room searching for Mommy and Daddy, but they were not there. They were out wandering aimlessly in a drug-induced stupor.

I wonder how many little children were neglected, abused, or killed last night. Statistics show that most child abuse occurs at the hands of step-parents or live-ins. Children, although very young, can remember a lot more than society gives them credit for. Almost every day we hear of more child abuse. Some of this abuse is the result of jealousy such as the Scottie Baker case a few years ago.

I wonder how many funeral homes went out this morning to pick up the remains of some victim who thought it was cool to get high like his or her peers. I wonder how many names were added to the list of highway fatalities caused by the influence of alcohol or drugs.

I wonder how many children will cry themselves to sleep tonight, longing for just a little love and attention. How many will go to school tomorrow wearing the invisible scars of mental abuse? For a lot of children, the food they get at school is the only decent nourishment they get so it should be served in an amount which will sustain them. And I don’t mean a microwave lunch, either. That is about all a lot of kids get at home, in part due to the fact that they can fix it themselves. By the time the drug and alcohol supply is acquired, there is not very much left for the basic necessities needed to sustain a family.

I wonder how much of the funds allocated to care for our needy children ever makes it down to the children themselves. Things are not going to get any better as far as habitual drugs, until a cure is found for ignorance and the people who use them get out of the sewer and take a little pride in themselves.

Otherwise the future looks awful bleak for our little children. They are innocent and had nothing to do with being brought into this world. And yet they are the ones who suffer the most.

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