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Time to put up Christmas tree

The Ermine Center senior citizens pose for a picture.

The Ermine Center senior citizens pose for a picture.

Merry Christmas everyone! This time of year makes my heart long for Christmas in the mountains, and much more simple times.

I wish I was able to go somewhere and cut a fresh tree to smell the pine and get some real holly with the red berries. I have been thinking of getting a real tree, but the ones around here have been out for almost a month.

Have you started your Christmas shopping? Oh what am I saying? There are probably lots of people that have it all done, wrapped and hidden away.

Christmas isn’t really fun anymore, as I give my daughter Anna money to buy what the kids like. The same with my daughter Angie Wiederhold so she can buy for my little sidekick Bennie as I have no idea what he likes.

My grandchildren are like most other children; they already have so much they don’t need any more.

Southern Ohio

I have to get a Christmas tree put up soon or it will be Christmas and l will still be piddling around.

Belated happy birthday to Les and Pat Wagner on Dec. 2 as they both share the same date. Les and Pat had a great Thanksgiving in the mountains with family with an overabundance of food including stackcakes, home canned green beans, and everything you could think of. I wish everyone had as much love in their heart for each other like this family

Hello to James and John Ison. James is recuperating from his accident. This is one lucky young man.

I spent some time with Betty Ison, and I tried to get Betty to send me outside so I could just sit on the deck I love so much Doyle and Betty aren’t feeling up to par. It seems there’s sickness everywhere you turn.

I came home with a quart of home canned tomatoes, so I will be having macaroni and tomatoes. Store bought tomatoes can’t even compare.

I had a very welcome visitor as Johnny Calihan stopped by for a few minutes to check on me. It is always good to see Johnny and Ann.

Vicki Powers and I were planning a trip to Metamora, Ind., then to ride the train. As things sometimes go with me making plans, it didn’t happen.

I can’t believe a year has passed and I haven’t done very much of anything.

Ricky Caudill will be moving into his new house before long. It is really neat looking by the picture he posts.

Bill and Betty Kelly have a four-wheeler for sale if anyone is interested. It is in storage in Letcher County.

This computer is still acting up. If I don’t find out what is going wrong I am quitting writing as it is too aggravating.

So, until next time.

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