Whitesburg KY

Time to start gardening

I hope whoever is ambitious out there has got started gardening. I have seen a lot of pretty patches already.

But we must remember not to stick our peas as we do beans, because they will not climb a bare stick since they do not wind around a stick as beans do. They must have something to attach to. If you try to use plain old sticks, as you do beans, they will not climb them.

I live on Rattler Ridge as I call it, a rock pile with no garden, so I improvise by making containers and such to plant tomatoes, cucumbers and a few stick beans.

So far I’ve planted only two potatoes, but hope to plant more goodies before long. I don’t have the strength to do very much, so I work about four or five minutes and sit and stare at the chore I am into until I build up enough steam to go a few more minutes.

But I am stubborn and refuse to just lie down and die because I feel that as long as I can put my feet under me instead of in front of me, I am supposed to do something with my time and give God the praise He so rightly deserves.

No matter how long I sit and stare at a chore I am into, it doesn’t get any nearer completed until I get off my can and get back to it.

We had several tomatoes and cucumbers last year in a spot about 16 inches wide and 15 feet long, perched on the bank beside our driveway, so this year I will have three wooden boxes also for my stick beans. I only plant one hill of cucumbers.

Last year my granddaughter brought a cabbage plant home from school and set it out. It made a pretty nice head and then it rotted, so she was terribly disappointed. I think it was a stone head.

I have to haul my dirt home in buckets to plant anything, but I sure do like to try.

And that’s all the gardening from the funny farm until next time.

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